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All of a sudden my Toshiba TV, model #52HM84, has no sound.

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All of a sudden my Toshiba TV, model #52HM84, has no sound. The picture is great but no sound. At one point I turned it off and back on again and I got sound on one channel. I changed channels and got sound for a split second and then nothing. Another time tonight I had sound on a couple of channels but not others. Now I have no sound on any channels. HELP!!! Bill
If you are using a small comcast cable box try hitting the language button on the remote make sure it is set to ENG.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The language is in English. Like I said I had sound at one point last night. Then I had it off and on. Then not at all for the rest of last night.


Now this morning I turned on the TV and had sound. I changed channels and still had sound. I tried to play a program recorded on my cable DVR. It did not have sound. It didn't last night either. Then I stopped the DVR and changed back to the channel that I had been watching first this morning. Had sound. I changed channels and had no sound. Changed to another channel and had no sound. Went back to the first channel and had sound. Went back to the DVR program and it now had sound. Went back to TV and tried numerous different channels. All had sound right now. So the problem is definitely intermittent.


One other fact. In January I had to replace the lamp unit. It has not been working properly and I have ordered a replacement. This is supposed to affect picture only. Could it affect the sound too? I have to leave to go to see my wife at the hospital. We will have to continue this conversation tonight when I get home.

This problem is probably associated with the cable box and not the TV. I would try giving your local cable operator a call and have them send a signal to the box to reset it. If you still have problems after that have them give you a new DVR box. Sorry to hear about your wife I hope she is getting better.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Frank, tonight when I got home I turned the TV on and the sound was fine. I checked a couple of channels. I did some things around the house and left the TV on. No problem with sound. After about an hour I finally sat down and wanted to was the DVR recorded program I wanted to watch last night. When I went to the DVR and selected that program there was no sound. I stopped that program and went back to the cable channels. Now I have no sound on the channels where there had been sound prior to my trying the recorded program.


I unplugged my cable box and rebooted it. That did no good. I called the cable company and they sent a signal to my TV. This did not give them any indication of anything wrong. They tried to tell me something was wrong with my TV. But everything had been good for over an hour when I first came home tonight. I scheduled a technicion for Monday afternoon. That's the soonest they can get out. What do I do if they don't find anything wrong with the cable box?

Insist they need to replace the box. The problem with the sound seems isolated to certain channels or shows which would indicate a problem with the cable box.
If i answered your question please accept my answer so that I receive credit and you can still repost on this question afterward.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Shouldn't I wait until I get a visit from the cable company to make sure your answer was accurate. I don't want to pay for incorrrect answers. Isn't that what the guarantee is? I have an appointment on Wednesday, 4/8, afternoon.
No problem you can accept after.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Will do thanks.
Thanks make sure the change your cable box.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Frank, HELP!!! The cable guy was here yesterday evening and messed everything up. I gave him the full description of the problems and asked him to change the cable box. He said "that's not it". Then he started "messing" with things. Like my receiver. And started changing settings. Before her started my problem was just no sound on the TV. I could play a CD or DVD with no sound problems. I now have sound on the TV because he put the cables from the audio portion of the cable box straight to the TV. But now I don't have use of my receiver, my DVD and CD player. As he left he just said, "well you'll have to get out the manual for your receiver or call someone to come and fix it". So, now I'm going to have to pay to get someone to come in and un-do what this cable guy has done. What do you suggest I do now?
The first thing you should do is call your cable company and go tell them what happened. THey should fix it since they messed it up and that is what I would tell them. To straighten this mess out take pictures of the back of your receiver and your components and I will try to explain what goes where. Use the paper clip icon to upload them.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The cable tech said he thought there was a problem with my Dennon receiver. This morning I am going to Best Buy and see if they have a service that analysizes components. To find out if the receiver is actuall bad.
Not sure of there procedure but hopefully they can check your receiver for no charge.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have Cox Cable sending me a different technician tomorrow morning. They need to put my system back to how it was before they messed it up. Then try to fix the sound issue. I also went to Best Buy and they do not do diagnostic checks on receivers. Now I have to get in touch with the manufacture to see if there is anyone else in my area who can check it out. IF.......Cox tells me again that is the problem.
How do you have the receiver hooked to the cable box?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Right now it is not hooked to the cable box. Teh Cox technicion disconnected it. They are sending another tech in the morning to fix that.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Frank a second COX technician came to the house and put my system back together. I now have sound for the TV but it is not going through surround sound. This tech also thinks my Denon receiver is bad. I'm going to try and find a company locally who can check this until out and tell me if it is or is not bad.
Ok let me know what ya find out. If your question is answered please accept my answer and you can still repost on this question.
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