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My Sony Bravia big screen LCD wont turn on. The green light

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My Sony Bravia big screen LCD won't turn on. The green light comes on for a few seconds, the light switches to a RED blinking Stand by light.

Darken the room. Stare at the TV screen when you try to turn it on. Press the power button.


Does the Pitch Black screen gently light up to a subltle gray?


If it' lights for a split second, or not. Let me know. Then when the TV shuts off...the front panel light should start blinking. It will blink a certain number, pause, blink the same number, etc.


Count the blinks between pauses, and let me

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, the screen does switch to a suttle gray, then the red standby light blinks 13 times.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I do not want to sign up for any membership. I am willing to pay $28 for your answer.

- How much to fix the TV?

- Can it be done in my home?


Those are NAG SCREENS...ignore them.


13 Blinks indicates the Balancer is sending a fault code back. There are several in your TV set, so we'll look at the numbers --


You can buy some at the scrap prices


Or you can buy NEW ones --


There's four of them.


With Labor, expect $250 for removal and installation.


Right now....expect $370 to be the cost. That's a reasonable figure if the TV's Balancers are bad.


I will warn you that if the TV lights up....goes out in less than 2 second...that's a bad lamp, and you have to replace the LCD panel.


You want an original if that's bad.


If the TV lights up and goes out within 2 seconds. Bad LCD panel.


Balancers stay on a lot longer than 2 seconds.


That's the Key to knowing. When it lights - one one thousand, two one needs to stay on longer than that for it to be worth calling a tech to your home to replace balancers.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks. I called our cable provider (Cox Cable) to resend the signal. I also replaced the batteries in the remote. I also unpluged the TV. I waited about 5 hours, then tried to turn the TV on. It turned on just fine!!! I went into the General Setting and changed the Power Saving to "LOW". The Instruction Booklet does not tell me if I should set it on LOW or HIGH??? Do you know which setting it should be on???

In the Booklet Page 45 it says the "TV automatically enters to standby mode when there is no signal input for more than 30 seconds." I don't know if there is a problem with the Cox Cable Box itself??? Is that why the problem is resolved when the Cable Signal is RE-SENT???

I'm just speculating here, you are the professional. Since the TV is now working, can I still judge the amount of seconds when the screen first turns on??? Sorry I'm asking so many questions. I'm just trying to understand why it didn't work...and now it DOES???


Thank you.



Power Savings....I prefer OFF. But LOW is the 2nd one I prefer. If you accidently turn your Cable Box OFF...and your TV goes black, but it's ON...then it auto-shuts off the TV set saving you money.


However a BAD Cable connection to your TV set can cause your TV to shut down.


That's rare...but not impossible either.


This type of cable is Notorious for slowly disconnecting over time --



But I would expect you to start seeing the picture go black while watching it and a "No Signal" banner to pop up on your TV set too.


TV sets that WORK FINE after being turned on a dozen times....that can make your TV look like it's OK.


However....go to bed tonight, wake up in the morning, TV Cools Down.....

A TV can give you problems when it's COLD.

I would keep my eye on it in the morning, because if you have problems like you's going to fail MORE in the morning if it's not been on for hours.


One thing.....If you HAVE been pulling the LEFT or RIGHT side of your TV out, and it suddenly WORKS that back to me.

That's where your BALANCERS are located. On the left/right ends.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

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