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lg smart tv will not connect wirelessly. Is finding my network,

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lg smart tv will not connect wirelessly. Is finding my network, takes password XXXXX will not connect...something about a dhcp setting when I try auto...and when I try manual it asks for another ip address because another device is connected. Help?

Can you get us your Router's brand name and model number on it?


Are you attempting to connect the TV to the router with a cable, or are you trying to go wireless?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Going wireless.

Roter is a cisco linksys e1200

Ok, I'm going to download that instuction book, along with your TV's manual.


The first thing I see is the DHCP issue....we should correct that on your router so your router TALKS to your TV set and delivers a fresh new IP address to it.


The address you were was likely being used by anther device like a computer or printer, maybe a phone.


Can't use another device's IP....



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I think that is it. Recently purchased a new PC that connects wirelessly...probably grabbed the LG TV's IP (which had been connecting fine...until I added the new PC to the wireless network.

How do I get a new IP for the TV?

I would think I'd want to do it the other way around....Turn off the wireless computer and see if the TV re-establishes it's connection. THEN with the TV on and actively using the internet, see if the computer can establish a 2nd wireless connection.


My concern is bandwidth. TVs want a lot of bandwidth compared to computers, so is there an issue with BOTH being online at the same time?


If so, turning off the computer SHOULD let the TV reconnect.


I think that's the very first thing we should do. Get the TV connected, turn on the computer afterwards, see if the DHCP releases on the computer and re-establishes it's own connection to wireless.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I shut the computer off and, as a result, was able to re-connect the TV to my wireless network.

One question before I turn the PC back on...should I leave the TV on and connected to the network???

Yes, do leave the TV on and connected.


Theory has it that we should be able to connect MORE than one device to wireless.

That's theory....


Now, In MY home, I have one Blu Ray connected via Lan...the other connected via wireless.


If my wife wakes up and isn't ....well, you know....then I can certainly TEST that theory.

I'd like to test it.


However, at this point in time, leave the TV on, and running with an internet connection. See if your laptop connects.


If it doesn't....see if it allows you to re-establish a NEW connection on wireless.


If it doesn't...then it would seem to me that wireless in our homes isn't the same as Wireless at McDonalds...



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Worked. Both my PC and my Smart TV are connected wirelessly. Now, as you say, bandwidth is going to be an issue...I can see that now. Will a wired connection to my TV solve this problem or is it simply something I have to live with because of the bandwidth of the service into my home?

That does depend. Maybe 5Mb bandwidth would be adequate, 10 Better, and 25MB...that's going to handle 2 Video downloads and 2 computers easily. That's where I'm at.


I run all four at the same time. As for wired....I'm pretty sure a wired connection is better than wireless. No issues with signal strength. Now, I don't let my router "roll" it's channels. I've set mine to Channel 7 and keep it there. The reason....less neighbors on Channel 7.


If you change your channel on your router, then go to your TV set and have it set up a connection, you see all your neighbors on that channel before you make your connection. If there's 5, you'll see 5 choices besides you on that channel.


I have one neighbor on channel 7. Less sharing, more response.


Consider it.


If you have any questions, just ask

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Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

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