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Sony Bravia T V model KDL-46VL150 Shuts off after an hour or

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Sony Bravia T V model KDL-46VL150 Shuts off after an hour or less

When your TV shuts itself off, look at the light on the front....if it's blinking, count the number of blinks between pauses....There should a a 2 or 3 second pause, then it blinks the same number again and again. If you turn it back on, it will erase the fail code, so look at it when it turns off.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's what we did! It blinked 3 times before the pause. We turned it off for 10 mins. then back on and after about 5 - 10 mins. it would shut off again and blinked again!

EX2R Chassis


Hmm, the manual isn't being very helpful isolating it --




Runs fine for 5-10 minutes...then shuts down. Power supply.


The BM board is the one that generates the DC Alert1 failure.


Part number -- A-1742-744-A


You can buy it here --



Here is Disassembly instructions --




If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the tv shut off and it is blinking 6 times between pasuses does this change your answer

6 Blinks indicates the backlights are sending a fail code....Did this fail code occur after the TV had been turned off for some time?


Or did it occur after it had been running for a while?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
shut off after 3 or 4 hours
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other.
the first symptom igave was not correct instedof three blinks the red light blinked six times after tv shut off so want to make sure we have a proper diagnosas

6 Blinks...backlight failure.


KEY POINT....very important !


Does it DIE only after it has RUN for hours ?




Does it DIE when you FIRST turn it on TOO ??


First time turn on.....that one "Possible" failure point in time will tell us which path we take to repair your TV Set.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
dies after its been on for a few hours runs again after being off for 20 min, or so

That points more to an inverter issue than a lamp issue. Tell me this, what happens to your backlight when you attempt to turn on the TV right after it shuts off.


Do the backlights glow then go off?

Do they never light?


A backlight can be seen by looking at the LCD panel in a dimly lit room. A panel is pitch black when turned off, but when the backlight fires, you see it "gently" light up to a subtle gray level of brightness. We call that "priming" the panel. That's a key indicator.


Try turning on your TV after it shuts off, check to see if it still primes or stays pitch black. If it primes and stays primed, tell me that. If it primes and goes out....let me know. If it NEVER primes....and you have to wait about 20 minutes for it to prime properly, then the inverter is highly suspect.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
When the TV is turned back on, the screen turns a grey then in a few seconds the picture comes in clear. At this time it my go right out again, or may stay on for anywhere from 10 mins. to a couple of hours. If it turns right off, it my turn right off as soon as you turn it on again. It never does the same thing twice, except turn off.

As long as it's a gray screen your Backlight and inverters are working


Black screen just after it dies....I would say the inverters aren't energizing the lamps/backlights.


If it shuts down and you power it right back up....and it stays ON for a real long time, then I'd say it's not a backlight inverter issue.


But the 6 Blinks is telling us the backlight is bad.


There's only one thing that might lie to us.....the Micro having low voltage.

A micro running at 3.5 volts instead of 5 volts could trigger false failures and also shut down too.




I would expect other symptoms....TV not responding to remote, picture scrambling, menu or volume or channel changing by itself.


the screen turns a grey then in a few seconds the picture comes in clear

That statement right there makes me think we have system control issues. Your TV should turn on, glow gray, then come on within 2 seconds.....IF it takes 5 or 10., then that's really SLUGGISH in my opinion !


And for some the back of my head somewhere....something is telling me to replace the Main board, because I've seen that before.


The turning off...the sluggish picture....something keeps telling me it's the main board.


Does my description of the TV's behavior seem to match what you've been seeing?


If you turn it on....does it stay on sometimes and it seems to take a long time for the picture to appear?


That right there is something I KNOW I've had to deal with before.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I just turned the TV off and then on to see how long it takes. The Bravia comes up quite quickly, then it goes back to black, then to grey, then to black, then the picture and sound comes on. All this takes 12 seconds. Now when the TV shuts down, the sound stays on for about 2 seconds but the screen is all black. The symptoms you discribed of the picture scrambling, volume, remote, and the menu, aren't whats happening here.

Sometimes it stays on a long time, then other times it shuts off and we try to start it again and it shuts off without the picture coming on even for 1 second.

Heh, I was about to look up the part number....and then I found out I had already recommended it before when the problem was a 3 Blink Failure !!


The BM board is the one that generates the DC Alert1 failure.

It also blanks the picture, delays video...turns the TV off. Pretty much every symptom we are looking at.


Part number -- A-1742-744-A


You can buy it here --


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Wanted to return and let you know the t.v. has been functioning normally since I put in the part. Thank you for your expertise, would like to upgrade my response from neutral to excellent.

Thanks again, Gary

You're welcome, can't retract the Neutral to Excellent situation, but at least you didn't give me a Negative like some.


Most of them are the "it's too hard group" or the "why aren't you AT my home right now" or the "I paid $5 and why didn't you answer me in less than one minute?" group.