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I have a Sony DVD/video player (model SLV-D300P). I put a DVD

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I have a Sony DVD/video player (model SLV-D300P). I put a DVD that had stopped playing in a mobile Sony DVD player in the larger model to see if the problem was with the DVD or the player. However, the DVD did not load and play; it sounds as if the DVD was knocked askew and keeps trying to load; it makes a periodic whirring sound. I am unable to make the DVD tray open to remove the DVD. What do you recommend?
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First of all try to reset your unit.Unplug all the wires connected to it,and leave the unit for about 30mins.It should drain the all the current stored in it.After that again connect the wires and start up the unit.

If that does not help then you have to go mannualy.You should be handy with the electronics items with little idea of opening it up or else go for a repair shop.

{ The slider mechanism, depending on the age of the unit and the manufacturer, consists of the small chrome rail, a drive motor, a small gear assembly, and (in some units) a small belt that drives the slider unit via the motor. This small belt causes all sorts of problems. If the belt is broken or slipping, it can cause skipping, dropouts, or simply no start up at all. Also, if the belt breaks in the middle of the disc, the drive mechanism gets hair or dirt wrapped up into the gears, or the pick-up assembly doesn’t return to the start position, causing it to become stuck inside the unit. }

Unplug the unit. Remove all visible screws. Be patient and careful, it will come apart. Inside you will find cover over the CD mechanism. They are held in place by screws. Remove the top cover. This will expose the mechanism. There'll be the familiar little pinhole under the tray that you can stick a paper clip in and the tray will come back to its position.Or just put a little pressure on it.If not
then look for the offending CD.As you have a cd traped inside.You may have to plug in and cycle the machine. Be careful--no shocks please. Work it,try to press the eject and close button to make it free. After that try to,
Carefully see what the door is caught on or the gear, remove whatever debris might be there( hair, dust, etc) use q-tips and toothpicks.Clean all the parts and it will work

It will solve your problem or else there is broken spinning motor, or the CD drawer mechanism needs a new belt.
It can be done in any electronics repair shop.First qoute for the cost of repair.
Hope it will help you.
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