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Hi, My Sony Google TVs remote is not working properly. Some

Customer Question

Hi, My Sony Google TV's remote is not working properly. Some buttons are not responding at the same few are working fine. How to reach sony support to fix this
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Mike G. replied 5 years ago.


Sorry to hear about your problem. I will be happy to help but need more information to give you the correct answer (the more details you provide the faster we can solve your problem):


1. What is the full model number of the Tv?

2. Are you using the original Sony Tv remote?

3. Exactly which buttons work and which ones don't?


Please reply here to this topic.


Thank You



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
  • NSX-32GT1
  • I am using ORiginal remote
  • Volume and Navigaton buttons works fine --
  • Numeric and Channel change buttons are not
  • Expert:  Mike G. replied 5 years ago.

    So your question is "How to reach sony support to fix this ". You can call Sony at 1-239-768-7547 Mon-Fri 9:00am-8:00pm ET.



    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    I know how to contact Sony support, but they may ask my keyboard to ship... I will not have it for a week or so.... Thats the reason I reached you
    Expert:  Carl L replied 5 years ago.
    Hi and welcome to Just Answer. My name is Carl and have been repairing TV's Professionally for over 7+ years and currently own a Shop in FL.

    This is a faulty remote and see it all the time. Sony should work with you on getting you a remote first then have you send yours in. They may ask for a credit card to put on file incase you dont send the other, but it wont get charged unless it's not returned within the given period. Their priority number for Internet Google TV's only is 1-800-222-7669.

    Hope this helps my friend. If you are satisfied with my services, please press the Accept Button as that is the only way that I can get paid for my time. Even after you Accept,the question is not closed and I am still available for follow ups if you still have additional questions. Positive Feedback and Bonus's are always highly appreciated!