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Trying to hook up an older Bose 321

Customer Question

Trying to hook up an older Bose 321 to my new Phillips HDTV, Was able to get the speakers working with the tv but cannot get video! Trying to go through a Directv HD+ satellite reciever
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Steve G. replied 5 years ago.

Hi. I'm Steve. I'm sorry to hear about your TV. I will try my best to give you a precise and accurate answer.


You have just puchased a High Definition television. I assume that you did that so that you would have high definition pictures on the screen? You're not going to get that unless you use HDMI. SVideo is not capable of passing HD.


Bypass the 321 for video. Run an HDMI from the sat box to the TV. If the sat box does not have HDMI, it WILL have Component (red, blue, green). Run three RCA cables to the TV's own Component inputs.


Just ask if you need more help on this issue. I will be here.



Thanks very much.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There is a HDMI from the Sat reciever to the tv. I believe the problem may be the hook ups between the Bose unit and the reciever. The tv works fine from the box great picture and all but when I go to the component on the tv the sound works but the video does not.
Expert:  Steve G. replied 5 years ago.

Ok...Does the Bose have any type of HDMI input or output?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No it is the older style is does have an S video connection but the tv doesn't. I have tried several differant connections using analog cables I believe. I think if I get the video signal to the reciever it will transfer it to the tv via the HMDI cable from the sat box to the tv.
Expert:  Steve G. replied 5 years ago.

No. HDMI is digital and cannot be converted.


Again, you need to run video using HDMI from the sat box to the TV.


Run only audio from the sat box to the Bose.


Do not involve the Bose in any kind of video connection as you will not get high definition.


If you don't care about HD, simply run red, white and yellows from the sat box to the Bose and then to the TV. Frankly however, that would be like putting bicycle wheels on a new Lamborghini


Just ask if you need more help on this issue. I will be here.



Thanks very much.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The only thing I want to watch through the Bose is the DVD. The sound works fine just the videois a problem. I have tried to run the R/W/Y cables from teh Bose to the reciever and even from the Bose to the tv directly - no video. I had this set up on a Toshiba and worked fine. I think it is confusion over the cableing. ???
Expert:  Steve G. replied 5 years ago.

Ahh...I'm with you.


Ok, Does the Bose have component outputs? This will be a trio of RCA jacks colored red, green and blue?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The Bose has several video and audio outputs most of them are colored red & white. There is a couple of S Video outputs. There in lies my problem which jacks or combination of audio or video jacks will take care of the problem. Like computers it is probably a simple hook up but all the directions I have read are confusing because none of them deal with the exact set up I have. You would probably have to see all these connections to figure them out. I appreciate the help put am at my wits end trying to figure this out.
Expert:  Steve G. replied 5 years ago.

If they are all red white and yellow with a couple of SVideos then you would quite honestly be better off buying a more modern DVD player with component or HDMI jacks for $50.


Neither SVideo nor White Yellow Red jacks are going to give you a decent pic on that shiny new HDTV. You need Component (red, green blue) or HDMI.


You CAN run the audio from the new DVD player to your Bose so that you can enjoy the surround sound audio.


Just ask if you need more help on this issue. I will be here.



Thanks very much.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I should be able to get video on my tv. I don't care of it's HD as all I want to watch is DVD's. Why would I not get HD on my TV if I hook up my Bose video. I have no problem with the Bose as far as the sound. If I get another component it is something else I have to figure out. I need to understand why I cannot get video even if I run the unit directly to the tv. I thought that you would have looked at the schematic on the units I mentioned to figure out the connection. I spent a few bucks on the Bose and at least wanted to try running it on the new TV. I did have it running fine on the previous HD tv and probably should have checked all the connections before unhooking but. I guess I'll just live with it for now or hire someone to come and look at it.
Expert:  Steve G. replied 5 years ago.

Sorry, I have been away today.


In reviewing our dialog, it seems that you are trying to take the DVD signal to the sat box and from there to the TV.


This will not work.


The TV has to have red, white and yellow RCA jacks for an AV input. The Bose has to have those outputs. Can't you simply connect the Bose to the TV with red, white and yellow RCA cables?




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I was able to get the video working but only after several attempts with trial and error. I had already tried several of your suggestions which basically just verified what I already knew I am disappointed as I thought you would look at the schematics of the various units and therefore would have been able to figure this out. Once I figured it out it was apparent the solution was a simple one as I had originally thought. Anyway I will accept the answer although I did not recieve the solution from it.