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My samsung dlp tv turns itself off after about 30 seconds of

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My samsung dlp tv turns itself off after about 30 seconds of viewing and with
n the power button the "timer and lamp" green light indicators flash on and off and the red "standby/temp indicater light is on and does not flash. The lamp seems to illuminate and gives a bright picture. I reseated the lamp but that did not help. I am not sure where the safety switch is located. could this be the problem? Thanks, XXXXX

Hi. I'm Steve. I'm sorry to hear about your TV. I will try my best to give you a precise and accurate answer.


Can you check that again please. You say the Timer and Lamp LEDs are flashing when the set shuts down but the Temp light is solid?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Steve: I did indicate that the Standby/Temp led was solid. That is not the case. They are flashing along with the Timer and Lamp LEDS. I am in Texas. Thanks

I thought so. You need a new lamp.


The lamp does not have a filament - it is an arc lamp which is why it works sometimes.


Here is the lamp:


Replacement takes a couple of minutes as you are aware if you have reseated the lamp.


Just ask if you need more help on this issue. I will be here.


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Thanks very much.


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