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My 50 inch Samsung Plasma TV is three years old. Just the

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My 50 inch Samsung Plasma TV is three years old. Just the other day a thin vertical green line appeared on the right. A week later a thin vertial red line appears on the right. I've upgraded the firmware and tried different inputs, but the lines are always there. Any ideas if this can be fix or is my TV trash now??
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I'm afraid it's not good news. The technical term for this is panel tab bond failure. In non-tech terms... basically, there are ribbon cables in your TV which are soldered permanently on one end to the panel by a robot. Either in the assembly process, bad solder, poor shipping, etc... one of these tiny joints has failed.


There is no way to repair this - the panel must be replaced. Usually it costs as much as the TV did when new to replace a panel - and not usually recommended for repair unless covered under warranty.

HOWEVER - I find Samsung to be very good to work with on these sets. If you call them up and treat them respectfully... and tell them what a LOYAL samsung customer you are - and that you expect a major purchase like this not to fail in 2 years.... etc etc etc.. often times they will extend the warranty coverage on the panel... cover the cost of the panel if you pay labor, or split the costs 50/50.

Sometimes there is also a silent recall on the panel and the only way to find out is to call them to complain.


There is not a magic reset that will get this going again without the line. It requires repair (or a sledgehammer). You will likely find over time that more lines in the same area will begin appearing.

They will set up a service call to verify the diagnosis, and then decide what to do about the replacement.

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