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No Sound But Great Picture While Watching Netflix On Lg Smart

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No Sound But Great Picture While Watching Netflix On Lg Smart Tv

55LW5600 or 60PZ750 Smart TV ? Get your model number.


Are you using an amplifier for your sound?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, I am using a Sony Home Theater system.

And THERE'S your reason Why....


Listen, you may not know this but the OPTICAL OUTPUT and ARC on HDMI, Those are OWNED by specific companies.


Dolby Labs owns Dolby, Toshiba owns Tos-Link Optical output...Sony or Samsung owns ARC. deliver Audio on Tos-link...manufacturers have to pay Toshiba money to allow them to transfer audio on the optical output.


That issue takes a couple years to iron out the licensing fees. So, when you buy a brand new concept like Internet websites downloading movies to watch on your takes a couple years for the audio to follow the technology.


Toshiba and Sony/Samsung want wagonloads of money for their technology and R&D...LG wants to give them a penny.


How long do you think it takes them to be fully dissatisfied with the deal they come up with ?


Do you know how long it took them to connect HDMI up to Tos-Link?

Long enough to develop ARC as it's competition....

You have Penny? Thank you. (begrudgingly)


You'll have to wait a couple years until they connect Online audio to their audio output, besides their own speakers.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX there a way around this problem. I'm not happy with the Sony anyway and would gladly by another product.

Doesn't really matter what brand you buy right now. They pretty much operate the same way.


There is one possibility but I doubt your audio settings on your TV will include a Bitstream/PCM output selection for your TV set.


TVs use PCM coding on HDMI inputs. Your amp prefers Bitstream.


This is usually adjustable on Blu Ray DVD players (with internet connectability) so you can set it on those. My BD-D6700 from Samsung delivers Netflix audio to my Audio Amp (Denon AVR-787). I set mine to bitstream.


The problem with your setup is that you are connecting Netflix directly into your TV set and hoping the Optical output OR HDMI with ARC can deliver it back to your Amp.


The problem could simply be you chose the wrong way to deliver it to your amp, OR neither will function by converting the data stream and delivering it's audio to the two possible outputs.


This is what I would do in YOUR SITUATION


Fire up Netflix...see if the TV speakers work.

If it does, then the TV can deliver sound to it's own speakers and you know the TV is processing audio.


Next -- whatever connection you are using....try the other.

(You never did give me your TV's Model number, nor your amp's model number, so I'm working in the Dark here. Give me some insight so I can read and give you better details)


If you have ARC on HDMI, connect Optical OUT from the TV to the amp and try that.

If anything, Optical will probably get audio to your amp from Netflix.



And if not....that's why they made it available on BLU RAYs before they did it on TV sets.


Everybody can afford a Blu Ray a whole lot easier than they can afford a TV set..

Makes sense the licensing is taken care of faster on those.


Like I said, I'm using it on my Brand New Samsung BD-D6700.


I bought it at Tiger Direct on Monday, got it yesterday (Free shipping, not overnighted) and just hooked it up this morning. Watching Bleach on Instant Downloads.


It may not be what you want to hear as your answer, but it is ONE WAY to get NETFLIX to your AMP.


So, do us both a Favor. Consider that option, but Puh--LEEZE get me your TV and amp's model numbers!


I can't be concise without it.


Generalities don't cut the mustard. I Prefer specifics.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The television is an LG LCD Smart TV, Model 55LK530.
The Sony Home Theater system is Model DAV-DZ170

I am going to unhook the Sony and see if the TV will play the Netflix.

You don't have to unhook the Sony, just turn the speakers on in your TV's Audio menu and see if you get sound on Netflix.


If you do, then you're not having a problem with the main board which is a concern of mine.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I now get the sound from the tv with the Sony hooked up but no sound is coming from the sony

Ok, so you DO get sound from the TV's speakers, but you still get NO SOUND from the Sony amp.


If you attempted to switch your AMP to recieve sound using your HDMI or OPTICAL input on your Sony, then that clearly indicates the TV set isn't licensed to use the HDMI or Optical output on the TV set to deliver the Netflix audio !


While there is nothing wrong with the TV set, and unlikely to be anything wrong with your Sony're the victim of "transitioning technology"


New features get added over a period of time, when they become popular with the consumer.

Internet connectablility has been around for years, but we had to connect our computers directly to the TV for starters. Then they moved to adding certain companies to their own list of "accessible sites", then proceeded to make them "software downloadable" . But all that time, they had the sound coming out of the TV's speakers.


Now people are demanding that they can deliver the audio to their amps.


If the manufacturers have yet to come up with licensing agreements....the HARDWARE hasn't been developed/Licensed to get the audio from your TV to the AMP !


No software update will fix that.


However, the workaround is as I stated previously --


If you want sound to your Sony the new Samsung BD-D6700 and connect it to Netflix like you did your TV set.


It's the cheapest solution that I can recommend to you.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.



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