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I have a Panasonic plasma model TC-P42G10 its gives a red

Resolved Question:

I have a Panasonic plasma model
TC-P42G10 it's gives a red light that blinks
5 times when I try to power on. it does not come on.
I am not sure what the blink code means and can someone
tell me if this something I can fix myself.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 5 years ago.
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The 5 blink code is a missing 5 volt rail due to either it not being generated in the first place or their is a short circuit on the boards that it feeds pulling the 5 volt rail down so tripping the set, now their are a number of boards that this could be attributed to so checks would need to be made using a voltmeter to determine exactly were that short circuit is or why its not there?
Ultimately a board or boards will need to be ordered and fitted into the set

Let me know

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I was hoping that the blink code was reporting on a specific board.
at this point I really don't know anything more than before I asked the question.
I knew a board had to be bad.

what type of cost can u estimate may be needed In the repair?
should I just cut my losses and buy a new tv?
Expert:  Anthony_Infotech replied 5 years ago.

No unfortunately the error codes dont point to specific boards (I wish they did)it can only give an indication of what is happening the rest is down to fault finding in your case absence of the 5 volt rail, this will then indicate anything upto 3 or 4 boards in the frame, these need to be eliminated by troubleshooting, in some cases the blink code is a great help and its then obvious what board has failed its not like this in your case.

I'm afraid these boards are expensive in plasmas so if you have scan board failure then usually the buffers and main scan boards are replaced together this could be anywhere between $400-$700 depends on what boards and where they are sourced from, however the set does need to be diagnosed properly first so the set is worth repairing too

Let me know if you need more info

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