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My Samsung smart TV 8000 series does not remember my wi-fi

Customer Question

My Samsung smart TV 8000 series does not remember my wi-fi password XXXXX my ip address, everytime i want to connect my TV to my wi-fi home network, the TV keeps asking me to input my security pass key again, surely my TV should remember all this info having stored it when i first set the TV up and so connect automatically whenever i connect to the internet? What am i going wrong? Moreover i also have the Samsung smart 3D blu - ray (HT - D7200) which also has a smart hub, this connects fine but not the smart hub on my TV?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Will replied 5 years ago.

Will :

When you save the network setup that generally is saving it for a one time connection, to have it remember it , there should be a favorites list, or terminology like that, that saves the setup permanetely usually having you name it something like home wpa or whatever, but just saving is normally a one time thing, that is why you are having to go through all this each and everytime, I have not found your manual to find the wording or where to save it as a favorite connection but I am looking

Will :

Will :

Bypass Linkstick

  1. Remove Linkstick from TV.
  2. Power cycle TV.
  3. Connect TV directly to your router via Ethernet(Cat5e) Cable.
  4. Attempt a Wired Connection via an automatic network setup
  5. If you are able to connect via a wired setup, the issue is the linkstick you are using
  6. If you are unable to connect by bypassing the linkstick, let's take the router out of the equation by connecting the tv directly to your modem.

Bypass Router

If you are unable to connect to the network while plugged directly into the router, we need to figure out if the router is preventing your TV from connecting to the network. We will troubleshoot using the Modem. Depending on where your modem is located in your home, you may need to re-locate it temporairly for the troubleshooting. You will connect the modem to the TV using an ethernet(cat5e) cable. If you have cable internet, you will be able to use the closest coax wall-outlet to the TV. If you have DSL internet, you will need to use the clsoest phone hack for this troubleshooting.

    Note: If you have a modem/router combo such as ATT's 2wire combo, then bypassing the linkstick is the last part of the process. Please contact your ISP for futher assistance.

  1. Remove linkstick from TV.
  2. Power Cycle TV.
  3. Re-Locate your modem as close as possible to the tv (close enough for a wired ethernet connection).
  4. Before you power on your modem, make sure that it is connected to a coax jack(for cable internet) or telephone jack(for DSL).
  5. Plug TV into the Internet out of your modem with an ethernet(cat5e) cable.
  6. Plug your modem in, wait for service to be restored according to the lights on the front.
  7. Turn on the TV and do an Automatic Wired Connection.
  8. If the TV is able to pass a network test, then your router is the point of conflict and there may be a setting that is preventing the TV from connecting with a normal wireless connection.
Will :

How to Perform a Factory Reset for your TV.

When you are having issues with the network setup, sometimes it could be a software glitch that is preventing this process from completing correctly. The factory reset is a function which resets all values and settings to stock. The Factory Reset can resolve unforseen issues, so it's always a good thing to try when nothing else works. It is more beneficial to do this after a power cycle.

Note: Performing a Factory Reset will reset ALL values for the TV and [email protected]/SmartHub.

  1. Turn-on TV.
  2. Get Samsung Remote.
  3. Point Samsung TV remote at the samsung logo.
  4. Hold the Exit Button for 15 seconds while pointing the remote at the Samsung logo.
  5. Select "Yes" at the diaglog asking if you would like to reset the TV.
  6. The TV will shut off.
  7. Turn the TV on. Complete the plug n play when it appears, make sure to select "Home use".
  8. Attempt to connect to network again using and automatic or manual network set-up