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Jack, Technician
Category: TV
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I bought an Element TV from Walmart. I am told that the TV

Resolved Question:

I bought an Element TV from Walmart. I am told that the TV was manufactured by Polaroid.
The TV now has a problem and a friend said it needs a new Main Circuit Board. The Element TV model number is: ELDTW401, S/N HR900186260001255.

Where can I buy the circuit board? Can I buy it from Polaroid?
What is the part number for the circuit board?
What is the cost of the circuit board?

Thanks...... Bob Young.... [email protected]
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.

Jack :

Hi and welcome to justanswer.
To answer your question; your board number is 200-107-GT321XA-EH REV:E

Jack :

Right now the only place that i could locate it online is here at the link below;

Jack :

So far from what i can tell the polaroid TLX04011 would be close to yours .
What would be best would be to look up the number directly on your main board to see if it does have this 200-107-GT321XA-EH REV:E

JACUSTOMER-nz6qrcfk- :

I'm not sure about the main board on ebay. The info about the store implies the main board was taken from a non functioning TV. How do I know the board is good or wasn't the problem? I tried to find a way to contact the seller, but it says their message system isn't working

JACUSTOMER-nz6qrcfk- :

Would the Polaroid TV main board be interchangeable with the Element TV main board. If so, where can I buy the Polaroid main board and how much would it cost?

JACUSTOMER-nz6qrcfk- :

Where can I get a service manual to show how to disassemble my Element TV and replace the main board?

Jack :

Hello again

Jack :

Not sure where you got the info about non working tv ,this is what i saw ;

Full Size Image

Jack :

As for the polaroid board ,that could be touchy and i would need more info once you have the back cover removed.

Jack :

Unfortunately ,no manual on how to remove the back cover, Just remove every screws in sight , you may also have to remove the base stand if you have one, (you can re-install it temporarily after the cover is removed)

Look around the input connectors as there might be some screws to remove there.

Jack :

Just take your time and if you feel resistance when you try to remove the cover then look again for missed screws.

JACUSTOMER-nz6qrcfk- :

Sorry I misquoted the ebay seller's words. What I really meant to say is that the ebay seller says the part was taken from a working TV, YET he is calling it a new part? How do I have confidence in buying this part?

JACUSTOMER-nz6qrcfk- :

I would like the part number for the Polaroid main board that goes with the Polaroid TV you mentioned above. I talked to a TV repairman today and he says that main board should work with my TV. However he says when the TV first comes on, it will show the Polaroid name and not the Element name. This is fine with me.

Jack :

Actually there are a few versions/models of that board and there would be some info that i would need to have from the inside of your tv before attempting this.

Jack :

In any case this could get tricky and you may end up needing the help of that tv repairman.

JACUSTOMER-nz6qrcfk- :

What information do you need from the inside of my TV? Since Polaroid manufactured my Element TV, don't you have a direct cross reference between my Element TV main board part number that you gave me from the ebay seller's website and a Polaroid equivalent part number? If I took my TV into the repair shop, they will charge me almost the cost of a new TV. That is why I am trying to repair it myself.

Jack :

Can you upload a picture of your tv`s insides ?

Jack :

Also i would need the numbers directly on your main board to compare it to a possible replacement

Jack :

O.k, hold everything, i just found your main board froma supplier and it sells for $64

Jack :

You will have to click on the "ADD TO CART" button in order to see the price

Jack :

Saw that you got a hold of that board , i will now switch to Q&A mode

Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.
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Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.

We are now in Q&A mode.
I left you an answer in the chat window above.

Hope this help and let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks again.

Jack and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the info about the Polaroid main board. I have ordered that board.

One more question about my Element main board? I have taken the back panel off my TV, and can see the main board. Where is the part number located on the Element main board so I can verify that it is the right number we have been working with?
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.
The board number would be printed directly on the board about dead center.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
You gave me information that IS NOT CORRECT. I bought the tv main board from the supplier you recommended and it didn't work. I then called the supplier and he says that the part number to use IS NOT the one printed on the front of the main board (This main board number is XXXXX for many configurations of tvs). The part number to use is on a sticker on the back side of the main board.

My main board part number on the sticker on the back is 899-KS0-GF4012XAPH. Can you find me a main board?
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.

Well sorry about that but this is really confusing when some other website give you numbers that are supposed to be ones. and thats beside the fact that you are not supposed to cross reference one brand for the other.

Anyway , is the new board coming on at all ?
Does all the connectors,terminals fit in place ?
Do the original board still work the way you first described ?

I`m thinking that perhaps his board is not working correctly and he`s trying to cover it .
In any case the number you gave me fits directly into the polaroid TLX04011C and these tv`s have the whole control box that sells for $114 .

Be waiting for your reply on the questions above.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
NO, The new board doesn't work. He says, his board, going by the sticker part number on the back was made for a 37" tv, mine is a 40" tv. Both boards have the same number on the front 200-107-GT321XA-EH REV:E. The supplier said he will refund my money.
YES, everything fits the same way. YES, my original board works the same as it did before. When you say "control box" sells for $114, does that include the power supply board? What are you calling "control box"? Where can I buy this "control box"? If I bought the
polaroid TLX04011C control box should it work in my Element tv?
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.
Yes the control box includes the power supply and pretty much the whole tv except lcd controller(t-con) and backlight inverter(included in some case) and strangely cost less than the main board alone.
But then again there are 8 different model of control box

Look at the pictures below and tell me if one of them looks like yours and we could take it from there.
Control box 1

Control box 2

Look mainly at the power supply circuit, one has the backlight inverter mounted on it
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My tv looks more like Control box 2, EXCEPT the several wires that connect (through the removable connector) to the main board ( top upper right/middle) come horizontally (in the picture) across the top of the power supply board from a connector mounted on the top edge of the power supply board.
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.

o.k but the chassis as a whole looks the same ?

Input connectors positions ,layout etc ?

There are 8 different chassis separated in 2 category , so now that i know which category, we`ll need to identify which one of the 4 remaining will fit your tv.

Be waiting for your reply on those questions

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
As a whole my chasis looks about the same. The input positions to the main board look to be in the same position. The only differences I can see is the output of the power supply board going to the main board - upper center right ( as I mentioned above) is coming from a connector actually mounted on the top edge of the power supply board. The other difference is that my power supply board has 2 separate metal shields partially covering some of the parts on the power supply board.
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.
Can you tell me if the power supply you have has the 2 high voltage transfo that i indicated in the picture below ?
Control box 1 has the separate heathsinks , so just check again and tell me which one is the closest
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.

Also, could you try your old board again and give me all the symptoms/facts?

although i do not doubt your friend`s diagnostic of the main board, it does look suspiciously like a defective lcd controller (t-con) board.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Before I reinstall my main board and control box, would you tell me where the lcd controller (t-con) board is located in my tv and how to get to it?
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.

The t-con is in the upper center at the back of the lcd panel and is usually covered by a metal shield there will be a cable (LVDS) sticking out ,it is the one at the link below;

I have here a list of control box number for you to look at while you have it removed;


Also this picture to look at ;

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My control box number on the sticker on the back of the box is 909-KR0-GF4012XAPH which is the 4th number down in your list. The picture above you said to look at isn't wired like my box
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.
O.k then that sounds good, here is a picture and link that goes with the number you gave me;

The way i see it right now ,you can replace your tv`s complete inner system for $135
You can`t miss and the you can return the unused part .
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks again,

I ordered the part. This one looks like it should do it!
Expert:  Jack replied 5 years ago.
Glad i could help and yes it does look like it this time.
Goes so much better with the numbers directly on the boards.

Good luck.