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How many joules do I need on a surge protector to protect my

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How many joules do I need on a surge protector to protect my new 55" 3-D LED Smart HDTV by Samsumg - I have connected a Monster brand surge protector with 1440 joules and the TV blacks out and then comes back on - now I purchased a Monster surge protector with 2160 joules and I would like to know if I have full protection? Attached tp the surge protector with the 55" TV is my new Samsung Blu-Ray and my Comcast DVR. Please advise....Thanks Besides the intermitent black outs, I have had horizontal flashes across the screen and sometimes a shadow to the left of a persons head, or images. I feel as though the Surge Protector isn't strong enough for my new Samsumg equipment mentioned above. Also, do surge protectors supply the electricity to whatever is plugged into them - in otherwords, do they supply voltage or power or only protect against surges. And the black outs, etc...will these problems damage the inside components of my electronics?

Electronics Pete : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!I am Pete, a TV expert, and I'm happy to assist with your question today.
Electronics Pete : The Joule rating is a misleading rating for co
Electronics Pete : comparing surge protectors.
Electronics Pete : The Joule rating is the amount of energy it can absorb in the event of a power spike.
Electronics Pete : It will either absorb or redirect the excess power from the power spike.
Electronics Pete : Most power surge protectors have a Joule rating of 1000 or more.
Electronics Pete : Both the protectors you have quoted are fine for your TV set.
Electronics Pete : The electricity passes through the surge protector to all of the devices that are plugged into it.
Electronics Pete : It should not be the cause of blackouts on your Tv set unless it is malfunctioning.
Electronics Pete : If the power to your TV set is being interrupted frequently, this can damage the internal components.
Electronics Pete : I would suggest trying to run it whilst connected directly to the mains without a surge protector temporarily to see if it still continues to black out. If it does, then the TV set itself has a fault.

Hi Pete: Thanks for your response. Just want to clarify two things.....first, do I understand that ALL ELECTRICITY PASSES THROUGH THE SURGE PROTECTOR TO ALL OF THE DEVICES THAT ARE PLUGGED INTO IT? IN OTHERWORDS, SOMEONE AT BEST BUY TOLD MY NEPHEW THAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH JOULES, YOUR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT (I.E., TV, BLUE RAY AND DVR) MAY NOT GET ENOUGH POWER, SINCE THE ELECTRICITY FROM YOUR PLUG GOES THROUGH THE SURGE PROTECTOR AND FEED THE ELECTRICITY TO ALL OF YOUR EQUIPMENT;THUS, IF YOU HAVE LOW JOULES, THE SURGE PROTECTOR MAY NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH POWER TO YOUR NEEDS??? Second question is that, in addition to the TV blacking out off and on, I think I mentioned shadowing, horizontal lines and sometimes snowy reception...these issues are not constant, but are consistent, So, in your view, do you think it is the TV? And the TV internal components can get damaged? My new TV and Blu Ray are only one week old.

Electronics Pete : Yes, all electricity passes through the surge protector to all devices that are plugged into it. Your devices should work as if they were plugged directly into the power supply - the way they work is not affected by the surge protector. Only when a large voltage spike is detected does the antisurge device absorb or divert the excess power safely away from your electronic devices.
Electronics Pete : The Joules rating has to do with absorbing excess voltage, and has nothing to do with providing power to your devices.
Electronics Pete : You should try your new TV and Blu Ray without a power surge protector temporarily to check if it is operating correctly without it in case the surge protector is faulty or causing some kind of interference.
Electronics Pete : Shadows, horizontal lines and snowy reception suggest either poor reception or a bad signal connection, or an internal fault in the TV. Check all the cable connections are fitted correctly and securely, and plug the equipment directly into the power supply to see if this helps.
Electronics Pete : If the problem continues, then your TV has a fault.

Pete - are you on line now?


Pete: Since this TV is so new, I have only had the past few days to watch and observe and another concern is that when I have the NBC, ABC, CBS, etc., channels on the HDTV channels, I notice at times (commercials AND, particularly, when I check the TV guide) that the viewing screen is smaller and I have large black sides on each side of the viewing screen - i.e., I am not able to view the entire 55" screen continually. I am not sure, again, if it is the TV or if it is because the commercial is not being broadcast in HDTV. What is really puzzling is to look at the TV Guide or to check on my DVR recordings and to have the picture narrow so that there are very large black sides on each side of the viewing portion of the screen. I did pay over $500 for a professional installation, so this install was not performed with loving hands at home....that is why I want to be educated on all the issues so that I am informed when I contact the merchant tomorrow. I appreciate your help. Sorry my questions are piece meal, but some have not come to the forefront until I have had this opportunity to view the TV. I think the TV is faulty. Just want to know if the merchant sends another TV will or should I expect to have the large black sides on each side of the TV Guide or the DVR recordings yet to be viewed. I have no clue where you are, so we seem to not be on the same time tables in which we can chat????

Electronics Pete : Hi again, I am in the UK which explains the time difference.
Electronics Pete : The change in viewing screen size during commercials on the HD channels is likely because the picture format setting is incorrect. Can you check it and set it to Auto so that it automatically adjusts the picture to fill the screen when both SD and HD images are shown.

My last question related to your last paragraph to me......what is "SD" and HD" images? I know that HD is high definition, but not familiar with SD,,,,,and this will remedy the black lines on either side of the screen? correct?


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My last question related to your last paragraph to me......what is "SD" and HD" images? I know that HD is high definition, but not familiar with SD,,,,,and this will remedy the black lines on either side of the screen? correct?


Electronics Pete :

SD is "Standard Definition", which is also known as normal definition, as opposed to "High Definition".

Electronics Pete :

SD is a lower resolution than HD, and as a result, the screen format changes so that you will see black bars down each side of the screen when viewing SD images in HD format.

Electronics Pete :

You can set the TV to change automatically when each format is shown, so that the bars disappear.



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