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Sir, I have a LG flat TV screen that is not working. The

Resolved Question:


I have a LG flat TV screen that is not working. The model number of this TV is 32LC7D, bought in April 2008. This was a gift to me from my sister and no, there was no extended warranty purchased at the time.

I need to know from you just how to repair this myself and what parts that is needed to do all of this plus what to ask for in the parts line...if you would please. Also, just where to get the parts locally or over the Internet. Not sure if you would have the e mail address right along with this request but here it is just the same. [email protected] Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX hear from you very soon. NFL is just around the corner and there is always a cold beer in the cooler for the football season!

Curtis L. Skatvold
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for stopping by:

Do you have the same result using another input on the TV?
Do you ever have sound?
When it shuts down - are there any blinking LEDs on the front of the TV? - if so - is there a pattern to the flashes?
What is exactly happening with your set once you press the power button?
Please describe sights and sounds you are experiencing.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have not tried another TV screen

No sound, just nothing comes on the screen for any kind of picture or sound.

No blinking LEDs on the front of the TV screen however there is a solid green LED in the lower right corner of this flat screen so then I push the POWER button on the LG remote, wait for approx. 12 seconds then the solid green LED goes to RED. Hit the power button on the LG remote again then this goes to GREEN once is now trying to boot up and run. 4-5 seconds with the green LED on in the lower right hand corner the only thing that I can see is CADTV45 in the upper right hand corner for a short time then its gone. Then the words NO SIGNAL is going across the screen and that finially is gone also. Right back to block one, no TV to view. Should I call DirecTV AGAIN? They was checked out some time ago OR would it be necessary to find just a regular TV for test purposes?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
To whom it may concern;

I was inquirering if you did recieve the above message, procedure on what I have done to this LG flat screen TV but nothing is working yet. Please respond at the soonest time, thank you.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for that -

I had asked if you tried another input on your TV - like DVD or Game system - and can you watch it successfully?

LG has a menu option for CADTV - which is CABLE DIGITAL TV.

What type of cable is between your DirecTV box, and TV?

And has it worked properly in this configuration before?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Question #1 above...there always has been a DVD and Video system hooked into this LG TV screen and they did work for 2 1/2 years but now they do not
now because the LG screen does permit this.

Question #2 on the type of cable between DirecTV and LG screen...this is the HDMI, the best according the above chart. There is also a cable of yelow, white and red from the LG screen to the DVD player and also another single cable from the LG screen to the VHS video machine. The DVD player and VHS PLUS the LG screen has not operated for a long time, but did work up until the 4 months.

Question #3. The first 2 1/2 years, this system worked fine but the last 4 months the LG screen has NOT worked at all. This is when I just left it alone until now.

Yes, there is something unclear...this is why I am contacting you at this time. What I need from you is information what to check and find the proper parts to correct this problem. Can parts be ordered over the Internet somehow and very soon? I would think that there would be a much longer life time on this relativity fairly new LG flat screen. I sure have enjoyed this LG screen WHEN it was nothing! Your thoughts please.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am not sure if you did answer back on these last questions or not, this was sent at 11:20 pm on August 31st. If you did, I can not find your reply so please send something AGAIN back to me if you would please. Thank you.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
Sorry, I was not on 2 hours after my last reply to answer your post.

The final thing I would like for you to do is try and bring up the TV's settings menu.
Does it show on the screen?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
September 1, '11 @ 8:31 am....

I just tried this, dropped the power by pushing the POWER blue green button on the LG remote control, this process takes about 12 seconds. Then I waited for about a minute then hit the same POWER button on the same remote one time & in 4-5 seconds the words came up on the screen in the upper right side. This said CADTV but in about 5 seconds the words of 'No Signal' was going around the screen like a screen saver then that disappeared.

So, in answer to your question this morning at 6:53 am for bringing up the TV's setting, it did not do that. DirecTV has checked their side of this connection awhile back (2-3 months ago) coming into this reciever of theirs. They told me it was ok so I put the blame on this LG TV screen. Pissed me off enough to just leave it alone but at this time of the year the NFL Season is upon everyone so this has to be fixed or replaced!! Could it just be a bad connection between the DirecTV receiver and this LG 32LG7D TV screen? I just might try another TV with all the same hook up but will wait for your answer.

Waiting for your reply, thanks.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did see that you e mailed me back in answer the the 9 1 11 e mail I sent out to you concerning what I have done this morning on the LG TV screen in question. However, I did not EVEN see or read your reply....nothing came up on this end so will you respond once again for your ideas on this TV problem that I have. I will be watching for the reply once again and hopefully it will come through this time. CLS
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The last e mail to you was at 10:46 am CST. And now just before 3:25 pm, I have heard not NOTHING from you. Basic botXXXXX XXXXXne is this, I needs SOME IDEAS of what the F to do with this malfucntion for a TV Screen. Is there a 'bulb' that I have heard of from other people I know of that have had the same problem..........give me some answers instead of all these questions of trying to play Columbo on this in figuring this out!! Looking at your score cards of 98% and do have the answers? I need this to become history and then make then your rating on advice. Get back with me soon TODAY. May have to call Kansas City Trash Company for a pick up but I am from the old school and believe in repair work. Thank you.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

This will tell us a lot....


Simply activate the TV's menu and see if it stays on when you lose your "no signal" box.


If it stays on, then we deal with the source, if it doesn't, then we deal with seeing if the panel stays primed or not.


We want to know if the panel is still "gently lit" if the MENU does not appear.

Best to look at it in a darkened room. Just close the drapes on your windows or wait till night and turn off the room lighting. When you power it up, you should see the panel glow a little, and it should stay that way. If it goes black like it is when turned off. Let me know that.


But run the MENU test first, because if you get the menu, your panel is primed and lit.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I went through the test again, does the same thing. You see the CADTV, the no signal that floats around then it all drops off the screen leaving a black screen once again. Again, I do not see any menu whatsoever...I did this in very dark room also. What about the HDMI connection? I will also get in touch with the DirecTV people to do another test on their side of the equipment.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Where is your reply you sent a few minutes ago? I was watching something on the computer here & it was then that your annoucnment said you had an answer for of what I told you about a half hour ago. I DO NOT SEE your latest answer anywhere in the mail box. Try it again please. CLS
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I received the annoucement or alert that you have wrote HOWEVER I do not even see ANYTHING for your answer? What is going on? Before your answers or questions came to my computer in a blue/green box like you see above. But now there is simply NO e mail reply to ANYWHERE. Do you understand this? Or what I am not doing properly/?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In other words, I am not recieving your ANY KIND OF REPLY from you, not even the green boxes like the 4th one above this particular box. I do not know how to make it anymore clearer than that to you! You must be recieving my questions or information just fine, are you? CLS
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Again, nothing comes through for an answer from you or your company BUT the alert tells me something is sent to me. Maybe this is not a 24/7 operation with your answers so will pick up on this Friday morning to see if we have a connection then. CLS
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Listen, these are not Automated Responses from a computer designed to ask questions, key in on specific words, then run IF - Then comparatives which then Isolate it to another IF-Then Subroutine....


That's what a computer would do.


Nope, you have a human being here.


This human being Eats...Sleeps...Goes to work in his field of Expertise...comes home, Eats, Reads his Just Answers responses, and then determines with his Human Brain (computer) what to do next.


That human brain is one of the Better Computers out there....


The fact that your TV set does not stay primed is not good.

That's why the Menu test is one of the best IF-THEN statements.


IF your TV displays a picture (the CADTV and the NO SIGNAL) THEN it goes out.....


You have a problem with either the LCD panel or the Inverter that PRIMES (lights up) the panel.


Now, here's where the experience (from working) comes into play....


I've had bad Inverters....they NEVER light


I've had bad LCD panels.... They light up, but then they lose their light, usually seconds after it's turned on.


If I was a good computer....the programming would point to the LCD panel.


The fact is, Just Answers doesn't use computers...they use experts....that work in the field of expertise.


This human does sleep. It restores his ability to analyse.


Right now, your information you told me points to a faulty LCD panel. The inverter is lighting up, the Balancer is firing the CCFL lamps, the lamps have a defect that is registered by the balancer, so the balancer is sending back a fail code which is shutting down the inverter so smoke doesn't roll out the back of your TV cabinet.


If you want to replace the panel -- then there is a Product Service number on your TV set. It's the MODEL with additional letters past it that determine the parts used to build it.


Here you go --





One of those sub-numbers will determine the correct part to purchase.


So let's run another sub-routine ....


IF you want the LCD's part number, THEN I need you to get the suffix from the Product Service number listed on the back or side of your TV set.



But I will see what the cost is on one of those sub-numbers, so you have an idea what it will likely cost.






Ok, so the part is $336.81. or roughly close to that.


IF you want, I'll get the part number if you get the full product service number off the TV set.


THEN I'll post it here when I get home from work, depending on when you respond.





If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes sir,

I just took it for granite that your company was 24/7, sorry about that. Yes, I would think that you all have certain hours to work and live by, must of caught after the whistle blew!

I recieved your upstream message this morning, have been busy all morning so could not get back to you then. I just checked with DirecTV on their equipment to see it this did work so was run through a few tests on that. Still the CADTV 345 came up in the upper right hand corner of the 32" screen, the the words of NO SIGNAL started to float around the screen and again nothing was on the screen. The man even had me push the MENU button on the LG TV remote, nothing came on the screen at all.

Model # XXXXX XXXXX UK, Product Code is 32LC 7D UKAUSTLJM. You mentioned Product Service, is that the same as Product Code? Serial # XXXXX XXXXX This was made in Mexico, manufactured in February 2008. (Bought by sister then given to me for an early birthday present in April 2008, thought that I would throw that in there!) I do not know of any more questions to ask you at this time. However, on the cost of the part above is really sort of high $336.81 plus has to be installed and I am not a TV repair person. I am about to call or go to Best Buy or wherever to see what they have on sale for new TV this week end but still will keep this useless TV...maybe sometimes later on the parts prices will come down some. Are you sure of the price of the part and do you think that this come down in price ever?

OK Mr. Live Person TV Tech 1 Expert...never did catch your real life name, but anyhow you did say that tips are greatly appceciated, based on how much? What does the $28 fee include and how long is that good for.

I have a 2000 Lincoln Continenal that just out of the clear blue the alarm system is actived...nothing touches the vehicle plus there is no one around trying to break in the vehicle but then the lights will active and times out then goes off on its own. The horn has been disconnected, no noise there. Would this $28 fee cover that also? Please explain. 'No more questions, Your Honor.'

Curtis L. Skatvold
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Product code is the same as the product service number. LG has used both on their TV sets


Don't worry about tips. It's not required. We throw that into our signoff posting (like a robot).


Ok, here is your part number -- CRD30496001


It's available at --


Hit the dollar bar, then copy and paste the part number in bold into the part # XXXXX box on the left.




Googling the part number came up with nothing, which is surprising to me.


Anyways, to replace it, you must remember that they may expect you to ship the OLD panel back to get a Core Charge returned to you. Some LCD panels have this, but Encompass does not list it, so I'll assume you don't have to return it.


With THAT in mind (no core charge) you can actually buy the panel for $390.97.

You can replace it yourself, because it's pretty simple to do.


First you remove all the screws on the rear cover, you lay the TV face down on a padded table, you remove the power supply board along with the main board (power supply has the AC Cord/Plug attached, and the MAIN board has all the INPUT jacks on it.


You remove or simply disconnect the speakers and any cables that are connected to the boards (on the other end -- keep the cables attached to the boards you remove)


Then you remove the bracket that the stand plugs into.

Remove any screws mounting the LCD panel to the front Faceplate, then pull the old LCD panel out, remove the protective film on the front of the NEW LCD panel (taped to it to protect the LCD membrane) then transfer the panels.


Reassemble it.


I like to lay my screws out in certain one for all the rear cover screws, one for the boards being removed, then one for all the LCD mounting screws and Stand.


That way, while I reassemble it, I finish one stage (like mounting the panel and stand) and I will NOT have extra screws still sitting in the LCD panel/stand pile !


Then the same applies with the boards....


Then finally the rear cover.


If you are unsure of yourself, do two things....take a picture of the OLD LCD panel with just the back cover removed, and use a permanent marker to colorize the screw holes and the edges of the boards and where they mount !


You'll find it's not hard to exchange the panels, but if you're scared to do it, expect a tech to charge about $150 for minor labor.


So there's the realistic numbers to consider $390 for the LCD panel, and then $150 if you choose to have a tech do the work.



Ok, so here's my robot sign off ---



If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.


Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago. more thing...the Lincoln Continental.


Your Alarm system uses a Body Capacitance sensor. It's connected directly to the Body of the car, and it's job is to measure if somebody is touching it. It does this by energizing the body of the car with a oscillator (your car acts like a radio transmitter)


When you touch it, the water in your body SHIFTS the frequency, like you just changed the channel from 97.3 FM to 96.5 FM.


That sets off the car alarm....


What usually happens is the oscillator ages, shifts frequency then your alarm goes nuts on you.


The Body Capacitance sensor needs replacement.


Robotically yours,





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have checked around with a chain store, Best Buy, on the computer here at the house and found that it will much cheaper just to buy a new 32 inch Dynex TV screen for $270 plus the governorship charges than trying to 'rebuild' the LG HD screen. Thanks for your fast response, very good.


I would like to know just where this Body Capacitance sensor is located on this 2000 Lincoln Continental 4 door vehicle, the cost of the sensor and where it can be bought on line or at a dealership, which would be at a much higher cost I would think.

There is a Lincoln dealer up the road from here. Last time I was there had to qualify for a loan almost just to walk through the front door so it seemed! About $95 an hour & I know that the parts will be at a premium also. Thanks for your help on the sensor problem of my vehicle. Just need the location for this part on the vehicle and the part number plus where to buy it. This I will install this myself.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did write above reply about 30 minutes ago, was doing something else here on the computer then your answer came back to me BUT I still yet to even find it just to read. I must be doing something wrong or have missed something in order pull it up and read it. Could you send this again, mainly the information on the Lincoln Continental alarm system. This afternoon I was doing pretty good for picking up your answer, just do not know what happened on this latest one. Thanks

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
September 2, 2011 @ 9:09 pm CST

I am having trouble trying to find your answer on the Lincoln alarm system this evening & will continue later in the morning or even Saturday afternoon. Just too tired now. How long is the $28 fee good for, and do I owe you any more fee money in that direction with all of these questions? CLS
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Darn it...I had tons of info for you, and I ERASED IT !!!




Ok, I'll get down to brass tacks.


Don't buy Dynex parts to service it. Don't buy Chinese...same issue. That's why they are cheap, they break you throw it away.


Buy Sony, LG, Panasonic or Samsung. They have service AND Support. Better investment of your money.


KEEP the EMAIL you get sent, and that will ALWAYS get you back to this Question and Answer .....


Or you can simply SAVE the posting with your FAVORITES button. The $28 covers ALL --Tips are YOUR choice. I don't really expect tips.



Now, the LINCOLN. I have some working knowledge of alarms because I worked at a couple alarm companies back in the 80's


BUT --


I am not a Lincoln Auto Mechanic.


My suggestion is to either check with your local library and see if they can connect you up with the County's MAIN library to see if they have either Chilton's or Haynes or even the Ford electronic schematics available.


Ours did.


The next alternative is to get the HAYNEs manual for your Lincoln at Autozone.


They help, but that alarm has to be a Lincoln alarm, not an aftermarket alarm.


I have to assume the sensor would be located in the dash or the firewall, but I haven't ever had a Lincoln that I worked on.


That's more for the Auto Experts here.....


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
TV Tech 1, Expert:

Greetings, I was out in the north 40 acres having a couple 3 beers doing some thinking on the TV & the Model A Ford Lincoln (Continental) then popped back into this computer once again and there was my answer. I was leaning toward the Dynex just because of the price but now you have me wondering if that would be a good time I might right back at square one again according to what you are saying here. I will take a strong look at the ones that you did recommend and then come up with a final answer and/or judgment for what I believe will be the right screen for me. Missing out on too many old time movies and NOW the NFL Season. This all requires beer just to make it through the end of the movie OR go into the 2nd half of the game. Being this is Labor Day week end, there will be many sales on...will check them all out then make the right move hopefully. However, I have made many mistakes in my life so another one will not STILL I want the best HD TV screen available.

And now for the Ford Motor Company vehicle...Lincoln. I will check out AutoZone, local library, Haynes, my local auto mechanic who has a mobile shop plus any 'Turkey' at the local bars for information on this plus I have a brother who has a Ford Dealership up in South Dakota. If Peter Falk (Columbo) was still living I would even contact him! This alarm has been happening for almost 3 years now and have just lived with it...went through a battery which was reconditioned in the first place but the hell it a had a cheap price of $42 and a year warranty! Imagine putting a re-conditioned battery in a big vehicle like a Lincoln? Why, this would be unheard of in Washington DC...they would just bring in some China BS. Anyway, this will be checked out very soon as winter is soon upon us. By the way, this Lincoln qualifies anyone for a speeding ticket, got me one a while back.

Just how do you work the 'Tips' you have mentioned in recent messages? I must say that you are on top of your game of knowledge and do appreciate this. I will keep this e mail open and going...from what I understand is that this has cost me $28 up to this point only, correct? The tips you mentioned, just don't understand at this time and how to get them across to you. Is this a requirement? You are a ton of information and must be kept very busy. Got to do some more thinking to do so back out on the north 40 acres which is nothing more than the back yard here in Kansas City, MO. Here's to you! Right now its late and this is it for the 2nd day of September, I will check this out in the morning...time for the north 40. Thanks.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the information on the tips thing but just what is the scale or ever its call in your information work here? And do you evaluate this on the questions being asked? Restaurants its 10-15% of the this area anyway. I do not like Indian Givers myself and do not need to be black balled from your Just Answer network.

How long is my $28 fee good for? I will check out the particulars myself, cancel any time and then open this back up whenever the need only to pay the fee again?

On the Lincoln, any info on the location of the BODY CAPACITANCE SENSOR and where to purchase this? What you have done so far in what I have asked sure has helped me but very soon we have to settle the dust. Rigtht now I will be away from this computer doing work in the north 40, the back yard area. Will look for your reply very soon after the project is completed in the back yard. This $28 fee has already been paid...would this tip thing be charged to the same debit card? Thanks.

Curtis L. Skatvold
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Well, how long is the fee good for? As long as you want. No, you can't use the fee over and over, it's limited to this question. But the ANSWER is yours, when you close it, it stays in your Account . You access Just Answers, it's still there 2 years later.


Tips are the same here, but like I said it's not a requirement, It's more of a " extra Thank you for the help" type thingy....




Ok, the Lincoln...makes sense to look around the driver's kick panel or just under the dash. It needs to be connected to the body of the car, and it will be close to the alarm control module.


I know what I would do...I'd call the nearest Ford dealer, talk to either the Parts or the Tech responsible for the Electrical. I'd get their name, then ask if he could call back. Try to get him just coming off break. Best time to get him, just before he starts working.

AM call in the morning -- good time too.


I did find that the disarm is located in the driver's kick panel, so it's likely to be real close to that.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your help on these matters. I am not sure just how to figure a tip for your expertise, would $20 be fine with you and this will be charged to the Visa card I would assume? Don't want to be cheap for a tip but you have given me some good advice also, just do not have a lot of money myself at this time.

I will check with my brother who has a Ford Dealership in another state although I have asked before & he did not know at the time. His son in law is the tech man to talk with, did that before also last year, they was suppose to get back with me but they must of gotten very busy!

Now to close this communication for good, I will click on the ACCEPT ANSWER button below, right? After that is done and there is any more questions it would take another $28 fee for an answer, yes? Let me know on the tip question if you would please, I don't know how to calculate this, I'm sure you receive a % of the $28 and the full tip itself? Will be waiting for your reply soon.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You did make a reply but can not find it at this time. Maybe you in Church or out for the Holiday week end, I will wait a while longer. Don't want to be a pest on this matter.

Found out this morning that I have been 'hacked' somehow...getting a lot of goofy e mails already. CLS
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.


Copy and paste this URL to your internet explorer, then just save it as a Favorite website. It takes you directly back to our conversation.


You can save the Email you get too. But this url pretty much guarantees you have access to this conversation, no matter what internet software package you use.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

If I am not going out of bounds on this and maybe regulations of JUST ANSWER has certain requirements, I would like to know just what part of the USA that I am dealing with, meaning your location. For some reason I think that you are in Indiana somewhere. I did read your information in the section TV Tech 1 Verified Expert, Indiana State TV & Radio License. Am I correct?

I have a good friend, an Army buddy living just to the west of Evansville, IN over in Mount Vernon, right on the Ohio River to the north. When I hear back from you one more time then this communication will be a done deal & you will get paid. Is it possible for you to send your e mail address? Not for any more question but just to BS a little on maybe some war stories!? This is most likely a part time job for you, selling your knowledge to the whole nation, a very good idea.

I found out this morning that I have been 'hacked', because of someone sent a sale on Viagra & Cialis to many from my e mail address book. This alone will drive a man to drink so now I have a good reason as I have just cracked open a Budweiser.

Looking for your reply which will be very soon...seems like you are faster than Marshall Dillon!

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Well, we have two problems....first problem is, that we can get kicked out of Just Answers for supplying our Email addy. Second problem is that JA blocks both the customer's and the expert's Addy and any personal info posted here. They do want to protect their rights too.


Actually I'm up in Toledo. Lived in Fort Wayne went to college there, got my license down in Indy, and service around the Toledo / Port Clinton areas.


Sorry to hear about the hack. That's the problem with Email, you accidently open the wrong one up and then you're done. My wife likes Malwarebyte's anti-malware program, and I'm into Avast anti-virus myself. The key is both work fine, but they work BETTER when you buy the programs. Free is free, but paid is real vicious when it finds hacks and stuff. We have both on our computers.


That's the way it should be.Free protects, and paid is a step up to removing the viruses.


TV Tech1, Technician
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