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How do i reset the lamp timer on a philips 60pl9200d/37

Customer Question

How do i reset the lamp timer on a philips 60pl9200d/37
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for stopping by:

Error 65 means "Gde INIT Communications Failure." reported by the GDE / HCS Circuit.

If this error only came up after replacing the lamp - check the door switch is activated - and still working properly. Was it a cheap replacement lamp you put in? That can also cause the error.

If this was the same failure that caused you to replace the lamp... the main (tuner) board is likely the culprit.

3112 297 14491 CLICK HERE to see.

If you have the repair done at your local repair shop - expect $125-$160 depending on your location.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Primarily the same indication before I replaced bulb. What is the door switch ? Used replacement bulb. The number you gave me is that the tuner part number ? and does this unit need to have the lamp timer reset ? Tks
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
on the lamp door you removed to replace the lamp - there is a safety switch that has to be properly set to activate when the door is secured. If its not set to trigger - the TV thinks the door is off, and will not fire the ballast.

The Lamp hours reset is located in the Service menu.

How to Activate SAM
Via a standard RC transmitter: key in the code “062596”
directly followed by the “INFO” button. After activating SAM
with this method, a service warning will appear on the screen,
you can continue by pressing the red button on the RC. Then
you have access to the following menu:

(here is the bottom of the menu)

But this is going to require a PICTURE display on the TV to do.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ive reset the timer thank you but still having the same problem, looked for the part number supplied earlier and see 0 in stock and noted they do not make the part anymore. Unless you can provide a replacement part I will have to get a new unit (never a philips again with their planned obsilence).
Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
The question you had asked was how to reset the lamp timer - and I provided the procedure to do so.

As for locating a replacement tuner - there are many websites that sell remanufactured parts - or your local shop may be able to repair the one you currently have.


are just a few.

I cannot locate a replacement for you in any usual reputable locations.