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Category: TV
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Experience:  USAF trained; A.A.S Electronics; A.A.S. Education; Currently teaching advanced troubleshooting and repair for the DoD.
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kdf-60xs955 thermal fuse replacement instructions

Customer Question

kdf-60xs955 thermal fuse replacement instructions
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.

Please read this whole post. If you have more questions after that, just ask. Once you're satisfied, please click the green "Accept" button (that's how I get paid). If you feel I may have saved you a headache or professional labor charges, please also consider leaving a tip and positive feedback. Thanks!


Thanks for the question. My name is Dan.

No need to remove the old fuse. Just disconnect it and connect the new one, then put the new one next to the old one.


If you really want to remove it (most don't), you'll need to slide the optical engine out of the TV and get at it that way.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

the old fuse travels through the plastic of what I guess is the frame of the "optical engine". I cannot see that point and the fuse seems captured or held at that point. Granted I can leave that but I cannot see, how the wires travel through the plastic to get down below the light.


Also, since I am inside the machine and have had this issue, wouldn't it be a good idea to clean it a bit?

Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.

Yes, you should clean it up... use a vacuum.


As for the fuse, if you slide the optical engine backward (remove screws first) you'll have a better look. The new fuse can go under the lamp housing. Here's a video a DIY'er did on a similar model...





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I watched that yesterday. The old fuse routes, travels from where it connects down and towards the front of the tv. the fuse passes over a bracket, maybe a fan? disappears out of sight as it enters what I think you call the optical engine, (large plastic holder for all those things). Ok, where it goes out of sight it then reappreas down inside that plastic case then it runs under the light assemby. (is that correct). The point where it enters the plastic case is where I am stuck. The wire is hard to move and I don't see how to route the new one without being able to view that area better.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, I found a screw under the fan holder that allowed me to removed that plastic assembly. I have since put in the new fuse, but I don;t recall how the fan was set up. which direction does it go and there were little rubber standoffs , 6 of them, with 8 holes, which holes on the fan get the rubber feet. I think it was all 4 holes on the side facing me and 2 on the other side, but I don't recall where., or the direction that the fan was sitting. ie lable out or in. thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I watched the movie again and it looks like the lable goes out on the fan, or towards me, now I will see if I can determine where those feet where


The reason this all started is my screen appeared darker then normal and I was increasing the brightness, contrast and sharpness without much effect. The the TV died. I replaced the bulb and still it would not work but then I counted and found out about the 6 blink code and ordered a thermal fuse. As noted above I was having some difficulty and rather then force things, or do unecessary things, like I considered removing the speaker on the right that would not have helped at all. So if you guys would like to really EARN your money all I am asking is the correct set of steps to r&r the thermal fuse AND what should be cleaned and serviced while I have it open. I saw somewhere that it is recommened to replace a fan when this work is done. Also as stated I am unsure of how the rubber standoffs that hold that big fan in, how they are arranged since there are 8 spots but only 6 pieces. I know, I should have done my due deligence when I took it apart, but that is why I has offered to pay for some help.


Thank you


Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your patience.


The 6-blink code you saw is usually the thermal fuse, but it can be other things... keep that in mind, just in case this doesn't work. You can also ohm out the old fuse to see if it's open.


As for R2 the fuse, I'm not sure what else you need to know... the block is basically 2 pieces of plastic (upper and lower). The lower tray is where the fuse sits... you can't get to it from the top. If you're looking for the "official" instructions, no problem...

1. Remove the rear cover.
2. Remove sub-woofer.
3. Remove metal backing plate.
4. Remove exhaust fan.
5. Remove optical block screws.

6. Remove open thermal fuse.
7. Install new thermal fuse.


As for cleaning, I already told you... use a vacuum to get all the dust bunnies and other junk. You can use compressed air on the fans if you need to. Any optical parts (lenses, etc.) should be cleaned with optical grade cleaner (see a camera store) or distilled water/alcohol mixture and a clean cotton cloth.




Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I guess the sub woofer is the speaker on the right side. Correct?

How do I locate the "Optical block screws"? Since I have no idea what the Optical block is. Altough I am a quck study once I am sure I have it correct.


Just a little more info would be so helpful. I would like to clean my fans, how many are there? Where are they located?


You are stepping up to the plate with your recommendations about a mixture to clean the glass parts, but could you please tell me, the person with no experience with this type of service, what lens they are.


I am not trying to stress you or make your work harder, but I clean machine is a good machine an I am sure you agree, please take your time to prepare a more complete reply.


Also, I still have no idea how the little rubber feet that sit in the fan arrangement. 8 holes only 6 feet. I think 4 of them must go on the inside to hold the fan in place and the other 2 go at the bottom on the front (which is really the back of the machine) to hold the metal screen away.


So, to recap the above. I appreciate your instructions and I hope you do not think I am stupid, but I have asked questions as about your words to make sure I understand what you are talking about. Also I ask you, as a service pro who does this kind of work, what you would clean, service, replace, do anything to when you have the device on the repair bench. typically sony would have recommendations in the service manual I would think. Ok, I am getting a bit long winded, again thanks for your work and I have no problem in paying for something of value.

Craig Rissman

Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.

Craig, I have no idea what you did or how you removed the fan... I don't know what 8 holes 6 feet you're talking about... I would need to be in front of the TV. I'm sure it's simpler than you're making it... it always is.


Maybe these diagrams will help. I believe your TV has 4 fans.... exhaust, lamp, another on the optical block, and a fourth internal. It might be best for you to download a copy of the service manual to help you along. sells them.


As for the thermal fuse, maybe these diagrams will help:


Rear cover removal:



Center pillar removal:



Subwoofer removal:



Optical block removal (shows the subwoofer still installed, no big deal):





Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok, now your talking. Let me digess and impliment the above


As you say above I am sure it is much easier then I have explained so far. I am not the best communicator. The "feet" I am speaking of are little rubber things that fit into all four corners of the fan. In my TV those rubber things hold the fan in position, that is 4 rubber things fit into the plastic housing that holds the fan, then over the fan is the metal grill piece that has a ground connection (I assume that is a wire to ground that comes off that metal grill that holds the fan in. There are 6 of them. I think I figured it out, since 4 are necessary to hold the fan in position then the other 2 hold that grounded metal screen away from the fan. Since the top of the metal screen is held away slightly where the ground tap goes through the plastic I am assuming that the 2 remaing rubber pieces go in the bottom of the fan. What do you think Dan?

Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.

Yes, that sounds correct. The important thing is that it's secure and that it turns when you turn the TV on.




Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Sorry for the delay but I had an unexpected medical condition that has made it impossible for me to work on the TV. I am now prepared to complete this project.


It appears you have given me the insturctions on the replacement of the thermal fuse, but as I have said, I think it is wrong to do the repair without addressing what caouses the problem. That is the dirt and dust in the tv. I also began this whole project with trying to make the picture clearer and brighter. I have a regular CRT tv next to this set and the big sony is not as clear or bright. I see a lens that the light shines on that has a little pattern of dust on it.(what is the best method to clean) Now I don';t want to just clean that one lenses. I wish to perform all the cleaning I can do incluing whaqt might have cause the fuse to blow. I did clean the one big fan in back and have vacumed most of the inside, but I follow instructions well and that is what I need.


Thank you,

Craig Rissman


ps. I went to sony and saw the service manual and a training cd available and I will order those if necessary.

Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your patience... Tropical Storm coming in right now. I'll respond as soon as I can.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Dan,


I hope you weathered the storm without problem and I am here, TV in hand, prepared to proceed as you instruct. At this point I need the final cleaning instructions, fans, glass, etc. to complete this repair and have the TV in as good condition as possible. The screen was a little dark as compared to a CRT tv next to it. There is some dirt on the class piece that the light (I replace) shines on. What else can be cleaned to improve the TV. Thanks XXXXX

Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.
Hi Craig,

There aren't many special protocols for cleaning this TV, but I'll share a few things...

Disconnect power and let it sit for 30 minutes so any voltages can discharge to safe levels.

Remove the optical engine and pay close attention to the TV's own chassis. Use a vacuum wherever you can. I normally use the smallest brush attachment so I can stir up the dust without using compressed air. The vacuum pulls it out of the air before it can settle again.

The same goes for the optical block, but I like to do it separately so I can devote full attention. Vacuum.

Anything plastic (fans, grates, casings) can be cleaned with a cotton rag dipped in warm water. Add mild soap if needed (you won't need it). Be sure the rag is wrung out well, before using it to wipe... you don't want any drips.

Anything glass (mirror, lenses, optical assy) can be cleaned with an optics-safe solution from a local camera store, or substitute a weak vinegar/water mixture. Use two rags for this... one with cleaner applied (wring out well) and one to dry. Wipe gently, in lines (not circles). Wiping in circles will cause concavity.

That's about it. Let me know if you need anything else!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I only see the one big fan, and the one glass mirror that the light shines on is the only glass I see to clean. Are there other fans? and to double check are there other things I can clean to improve the clarity and brightness of the picture. thanks


ps. I was a certified network engineer, Novell, Microsoft and I also did a lot of commercial printer repair and have a 3M Service Vacuum model 497 that I use in this situation. I am not getting close to the tv with compressed air. I am retired