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Netflix Keyboard Not Visible On Sharp Aquos TV.

Customer Question

While using Netflix on my Sharp Aquos TV, I can connect to Netflix but I cannot get the software keyboard to appear to type the Netflix login information.

Sharp seems to think that I need to register my TV with Netflix, but Netflix doesn't have an option for that on its website.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  2lego replied 5 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer.

What is the model number of your new Sharp TV? Are you currently and active Netflix customer or are you trying to sign up for a new account through your TV?

JACUSTOMER-zyl2d81a- : LC-70LE732U. I am currently an active Netflix customer

2lego : Excellent and great TV. I've installed a few already and its a thing of beauty to behold. The way Netflix works for Blu-ray players and TV's is that the TV is given a unique ID code by Netflix when you first try and access the Netflix app or button. Once you see this code write it down and then go over to your PC and log into your Netflix account through a web browser.

Once you are on the Netflix website logged in scroll down all the way to the bottom. They'll be section called WEBSITE, on the bottom of that section will be a link call "How to watch on your TV". Select this link.

JACUSTOMER-zyl2d81a- : The person who set up my TV must have gotten that code and not written it down. Is there a way to retrieve it?

2lego : So when you are accessing the Netflix app on the TV what is happening?

JACUSTOMER-zyl2d81a- : It connects to Netflix sometimes. Sometimes I get an error message. When it does connect, it gives me the screen where I'm supposed to enter my Netflix login information -- email and password. At that point, the software keyboard does not appear for me to type in that information.

2lego : So when it is connecting to Netflix is it working properly and you can watch movies and browse?

Let me check on how to retrieve this TV ID. Normally the TV will keep giving you the access code and tell you to go to the internet site.

JACUSTOMER-zyl2d81a- : No, because I cannot log in to my account. It connects in so far as it takes me to the Netflix login screen. But without a way to type letters, I can't log in. When I called Sharp to find out how to make a software keyboard appear so that I could enter that information, Sharp told me to register my TV with Netflix.

2lego : Okay. Have you tried to update the TV software or has it asked you to update, since you installed the TV and connected it to your network?

Under the Main Menu there will be an information heading. Under this will be a software update selection.

JACUSTOMER-zyl2d81a- : I'll try that.

2lego : After you check this and confirm the TV is up to date use the same menu to go under 'Netflix Help'. This is used to deactivate Netflix. You may need to deactivate it, turn the TV off then on and then reactive Netflix to refresh the function with the TV.

The normal protocol is to send you to the internet site with the code so your not painfully entering email addresses and codes on the screen with an alphanumeric keypad. Plus, the network and TV rarely move, so Netflix trusts that and and the TV is always activated once the code is authorized.

How is the software update process working or was the TV already up to date. This model is fairly new so I'm assuming that an update is available since they come out about every 3-4 months to add more features and correct any problems like this.

The software update will normally clear this up, then deactivate and active on the Netflix 'Help' section.