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I want to donate a Sony 52 inch rear projection TV. It doesnt

Resolved Question:

I want to donate a Sony 52 inch rear projection TV. It doesn't work and nobody wants it.

When you push the power button only the little red light comes on. I checked the fuse and it is good. Any Ideas on what is wrong and can I fix it myself? Approx. Cost part # XXXXX what I need to do?
Model KP-53HS30
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for the question. My name is Dan.

Just a couple questions so I can get a better idea about what's going on here.

1. Does the red LED flash, or is it solid? If it flashes, how many times before it pauses and flashes all over again?

2. Do you have a multimeter? Soldering iron? Or are you not interested in that kind of effort here?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I would have to check the sequence of the red light. I have a sodering gun and a small multi meter that has dc/ac/check/k 9upside down U) and cont.


Is that all I need or is this going to be complex.

Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.
The blink sequence will help us narrow it down. We won't know the complexity of the issue until we can get some baseline diagnostics.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
red lite sequence is 6 blinks and repeats
Expert:  Dan replied 6 years ago.
Please read this whole post. If you have more questions afterward, just ask. Once you're satisfied and feel you can leave positive feedback about our conversation, please click the green "Accept" button (that's how I get paid). Thanks!

Ok, thanks. That's a +5V problem... either shorted or over voltage. Tough to say what the exact issue is without internal diagnostics. Might be the "G" board, the "A" or the "B." If you want to disassemble and dig in, just let me know... I have the schematics. Otherwise, sounds like it's time to replace it.

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