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I have an insignia tv and have forgotten the parental password.

Customer Question

I have an insignia tv and have forgotten the parental password. I do I get this function reset or turned off? We have not use it in 3 years.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

The original remote is needed. You need to press the P-Lock button to enter the default password. On this set it's 6 digit, not 4. That would mean "000000" if you never changed it before.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
We had put in a passcode years ago. I have the original remote and the 6 "0" doesn't unlock it.
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Ok, i will have to research this further and come back to you in the following days.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok thanks.
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
I was not able to find the service manual.
I contacted Insignia and they tell me to "try" 123456 or 012345. This look a lot more like possible previously entered code than genuine data pulled from the service manual (i think they don't even have it anymore, they even gave me 4 digits code initially...).

In any case, it's worth to give it a try. Tell me how it went with this, if it fail i will contact them again as i still have a support ticket open with them.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Neither of those worked. I have also tried to reset by unplugging and then holding the power button for 20 seconds.
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
That is what i feared. I messaged them back telling i really want the service manual this time. I will keep you posted.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Here is what they tell me to do now (they got me another support person):

you will have to reset the whole TV to factory settings.

To do so I recommend you to follow the next troubleshooting steps:

1. Click on the menu button on your remote control.

2. Search throughout the menu option and select the option Settings.

3. Within the Settings option you should find an option that says Reset to
Factory Settings, please select this option.

4. Exit the menu and turn off your TV for about a minute.

This should reset the whole TV

I have not found a factory setting reset in the owner manual, you can look on your TV to be sure but it feel like they trow me generic solution from the start (and they still do not give me the service manual that i request).

What i would do if this last bit goes nowhere, is to call them at 1-877-467-4289 and explain them the whole conversation we got and tell them that if they can't get you a way to reset the parental control they should at least give you an equivalent TV that you can use. A TV that can be locked like that is like a system that can fail forever after a firmware update error, a defect of conception and you are in your right to ask for what you paid for.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My menu has picture,sound,settings (within settings it only has language,blue screen,picture enhance and caption mode) search, and timer. I tried calling and they told me to call geek squad. Oh well.
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
I looked a last time at the problem. I did not found any trace of the service manual but i found this post on how to access the service menu.

* caution, it's possible to render the TV useless by a service menu, so don't touch to anything setting you don't understand. Also as a tip write down any value you see there, if you mess something you might be able to revert to those values.

Here is the post:

He then add in the follow up:
Oh, forgot to mention how to change the settings, doh! :)

Channel + and - keys change the highlighted setting, volume + and - change the value.

This mean that this model usually need a service remote but the original remote have all the needed circuitry. This require the original remote, a universal remote will not have this.

I can't really say to you what to expect to see but you may see something about factory setting reset there or a parameter for parental control (but it may also just be a set of register without label, i really can't say without the service manual).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
We tried this and still couldn't get it to work.
Expert:  Martin replied 6 years ago.
Then i run out of possibility and i have to opt out of the question and let someone else the chance to answer.

Expert:  bluextc89 replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for sticking with us as we attempt to troubleshoot this with you.

A "service remote" is required to remove the set's parental lock.
You can access the same features of a "service remote" with a little re-engineering of your remote.

You must get the set into TEST mode - which is a function of the service mode.

First, open up the remote control.
I find this easily done by prying the bottom half of the case outwards at the rear end and then sticking another screwdriver in to the gap to hold it open.

Then work your way around the case prying outwards on the bottom half, this should release the latches without any trouble at all.

With the case open you'll notice that there many buttons that are normally not accessible. Some of these don't have an actual "switch" under them, but others do. The two that are of interest here are...
**the one directly under the "lock" button (that runs the parental controls)
**to the left of that one, x'ed below:

[ ] [lock]
[xxxx] [xxxx]

With the TV on, press the left button and then the right (no holding required.)

The word TEST should appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

The number keys select different menus.

Channel + and - keys change the highlighted setting.
Volume + and - change the value.

Once in test mode:

1) press #2 to get to menu 2
2) press channel down to get to the Shippping option
3) press volume up or down to reset TV

Now the TV will be in shipping condition with password XXXXX to '000000'

I cution against changing anything else in the service menu - as it can render your set un-watchable.

Good Luck!!