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ProTV and Audio
ProTV and Audio, Sr Engineering Tech
Category: TV
Satisfied Customers: 939
Experience:  Over 25 years in TV & Audio, ISCET Certified, AAS, EET
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I have an lg tv and the picture has a blue tint. The people

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I have an lg tv and the picture has a blue tint. The people on the screen have blue skin
How can I fix this? Its not just skin tone that's blue... It all has a blue hue.

ProTV and Audio :

Thank you for your question.

ProTV and Audio :

What is the LG model number?

Customer: Ru-44sz63d
ProTV and Audio :

Thank you

ProTV and Audio :

Has the blue tint been there since it was new?

Customer: No... Just started today:( I have had to replace the light bulb in tv before though
ProTV and Audio :

Please verify that the tint/hue is in the center of its range. Also, which input are you using and does it effect the Menu color?

ProTV and Audio :

Please verify the Color Temperature setting, and set it for less blue.

Customer: The input is 'component 1'
Customer: Should temperature be 'warm' 'cool' or 'medium'?
Customer: Not sure what center range means:(
ProTV and Audio :

OK, be sure all the component cables are firmly inserted. Losing the red will cause a predominately blueish green picture. however if you are just trying to compensate for a slight blue overall tint the the Color Temperature should be tried.

ProTV and Audio :

Warm will make the blue tint less...

ProTV and Audio :

Cool will make it blueish...

ProTV and Audio :

The center range for the Color Temp is Medium but you can select Warm if it helps the blue background.

Customer: It's on warm, everything is plugged in snug and it's still blue:(
ProTV and Audio :

The Tint/Hue should be the one that is set in the middle of its range.

ProTV and Audio :

Are you getting any red at all?

Customer: Tint/hue doesn't change anything... The red is more like a plum color
ProTV and Audio :

OK, please try a different input to see if the blue condition changes.

Customer: Let me throw in a movie
Customer: Movies look great on video 1
ProTV and Audio :

Is there a cable box on Component #1?

Customer: Yes
ProTV and Audio :

Thank you.

ProTV and Audio :

Please re seat the component cables at the cable box and re power the box.

ProTV and Audio :

At this time the Component input, Component Cables, and or Box could be causing the issue.

Customer: Yeah!!!! I had red plugged into blue and vice versa. Thanks so much!!! Have a good night:)
ProTV and Audio :

You could try an alternate Component input on the TV to help isolate the issue.

ProTV and Audio :

Great! Thanks.

ProTV and Audio :

Please hit the ACCEPT button when you are ready.

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