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Rick williams
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42 Panasonic Plasma TV Black vertical bar approx 3 wide

Resolved Question:

42" Panasonic Plasma TV
Black vertical bar approx 3" wide about 4" in on the right sid eof the TV.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.

Hello [Sir/Ms], My name is XXXXX XXXXX Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this problem,


You have a buffer board failing if you would open the set and were the line starts there are boards that go across the top or bottom of the unit the board that's above the line is the problem. open the ribbon cables make sure it doesn't touch any metal turn set on and make sure you are on the right connection, sometimes cleaning this will fix problem sometimes soldering will fix problem and last resort is the board itself is bad or the panel Now you should be able to repair.



Well Good luck friend, and if my efforts on trying to help you save on those large labor charges are appreciated, feedback and a bonus will be appreciated






Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do you have instructions on how to remove the rear panal? I am familiar with ribbon cables and can likely even change a board if it comes down to it, but getting the back off without doing damage looks a little tricky with respect to all those RCA and HDMI connections
Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.
Funny you mention this,, this isn't in any manual,, because its suppose to be performed by a qualified person,, so i suggest remove all screws and look closely some HDMI connectors may have those very small nut screws.. and be careful you shouldn't have a problem if your mechanically inclined
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

OK I think I can do this, couple of things though, and maybe we are done

When i said the bar was on the right side of the TV, that is when I am looking at it from the front. If the boards are in a sequential alpha layout E and F would be on the left when looking from the front of the TV wouldn't they?


You say to remove some screws identified as PH, +, WWP , M3 , L8, NI , PLT, where are these screws?


Which "board" is "E-Board" and "F-Board" the picture you sent shows RED circles but nothing I can read. Are they identified?

Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.

the picture i sent is a example the boards are going across the top or bottom and its the board thats exactly above the line,, as far as screw are concerned this shouldn't be a issue,, all of the screws on the back of the tv,, lay it on a flat surface,, well i pulled up your model below is a picture and the boards i have X them in red,, i really dont think you should try this theres a lot of disassembly just getting to these boards,, That being said repairs are around 200.00,, and if your having trouble identifying screws on the rear i wouldn't want you to touch this friend,,, up to you










Customer: replied 6 years ago.

fair enough you are likely correct, but it was worth a try to see if I could do it. You see i run a small Hi-Tech company and I was thinking perhaps my techs could do it but for 200.00 probably safest to just take it in and get it done by a pro.


Thanks all the same I will send the accept and say I am very satisfied

Expert:  Rick williams replied 6 years ago.
possibly so,, but you can share this answer with your techs and maybe simple for some one,, well good luck friend,, and please dont forget to press the accept button
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