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How To Reset Settings On Samsung TV Without Remote Control?

Resolved Question:

How can I reset the settings on a Samsung flat panel TV without using the remote control?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Pete replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer.

What is the model number of your Samsung TV?
(you will find this on the back of the TV or on the front of the user guide)

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : I dont have a user guide. Model LNR328W
Electronics Pete : Ok, thanks. If I understand correctly, you want to change the input source so that you can view cable?

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : Well, i pressed some buttons (IT WORKED BEFORE) and now would like to view cable. I see that there are options under TV but can't access it. No remote, so trying to do this with the little buttons on side (get confused between up/down and left/right).

Electronics Pete : Ok, it should be possible to change back to your cable input using the buttons on the TV control panel. One moment please while I consult my information on this TV set.

Here is a diagram of the buttons on your TV set:

You will need to press the Source button to display a list of the available inputs first. Then use the bottom 2 buttons (CH Up and CH Down) to select your cable input. Finally, press the Source button again to select and confirm the cable input.

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : When we press source button, only snowy screen with "air 3" noted. maybe source, then menu?

Electronics Pete : Pressing the Source button should immediately display a list of all the available sources. Have you perhaps already pressed the Menu button and you are now in the menu somewhere?

Can you try turning the TV off and back on again to start from the beginning, then try pressing the Source button again?

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : We pressed menu. see input, go to source list, then only TV highlighted, can't get to cable underneath.

Electronics Pete : Do you have a cable box, or is your cable plugged directly into the TV?

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : Cable box. We just turned off TV and cable box (15 seconds) turned back on with same effect.

Electronics Pete : What type of cable does it connect to the TV with?

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : TV hi-def? Oh, physical cable. but I have hdmi upstairs (extra) but i was thinking that air means that it is trying the old way

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : Thanks #10. I plugged in the hdmi cable too.

Electronics Pete : Are you able to exit from the Menu and check that the TV source is selected?

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : Well, right now menu is not on.

Electronics Pete : What source is currently selected?

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- :When i press source -- aha! it worked on hdmi and looks better too -- hdmi shows up as a source (should i undo the cable then?)

Electronics Pete : Yes, HDMI would give you a better picture.

JACUSTOMER-4nhe8ckp- : Should i undo cable between TV and box then?

Electronics Pete : Yes you can undo it, it will not be required if you are using the HDMI connection.

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