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My Panasonic Viera Plasma T.V. wont turn on---the red light

Resolved Question:

My Panasonic Viera Plasma T.V. won't turn on---the red light in front just blinks...about 10 times then pauses and continues to blink another 10 times....I've tried unplugging the set and!

It was working fine and we left the room, came back and it was off with the red light blinking..when we turn it off with the remote, the red light stops..then starts again when we try to turn the set on.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Aric replied 6 years ago.
Can you please get the model number off the back of the TV?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
P42S2 Panasconic Viera Plasma---made 1/2010
Expert:  Aric replied 6 years ago.

The 10X flash indicates a power board issue.


Anytime there is a power outage, lightning strike or a surge, the capacitors inside the unit take a beating. This happens even if the unit is plugged into a surge protector. The most common issue/failure with flat screens is that the caps will eventually fail, the set will not power on, and the Timer/Standby light will flash. This is due to the power supply capacitors inside the TV getting a surge of voltage too high for their ratings then the caps fail. This can take several storms to occur. They are located on the power board inside the TV where the power cord connects. The caps are typically $3-$5 each, and can be replaced by a TV Tech within a matter of a half hour. The total service should cost you no more than $100. Most Techs will try and sell you a power board for over $300 installed, when in fact you only need the caps.You can locate a Tech close to your area using the link below:


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