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My Samsung TV via a Time warner cable feed has a picture that

Customer Question

My Samsung TV via a Time warner cable feed has a picture that has a wide black border around the actual picture. how do I resolve this?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Simple quick test -- Your Samsung remote has a PSIZE button on it,


Press it to cycle the picture sizes


BUT while you are AT the 4:3 picture, LOOK at the end result on your TV set !


Does the picture fill the 4x3 box, or do you happen to see a black box around the picture with some Gray bars on the left and right side?


The gray bars are added by the TV set....anything IN the gray bars is what the TV station is delivering to your TV set !




HD 16x9 pictures coming out of the cable box won't let you ACTIVATE the 4x3 mode in the PSIZE settings !


So if you only find one or two PSIZE choices instead of 4 or 5, then you know the TV set isn't causing your issue.



Time to look at the Time Warner box.....


BEST to look at Discovery's High Def Theater -- It's always 16x9 all the time.

HDT or HDTH in your Cable box's GUIDE....



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I can see both sizes on the screen, but both have a thick black border surrounding them
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Got to go, maybe I will try later today ... thanks.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

When you have a thick black border around a TV picture, it's not the TV causing that, nor the cable box....


Usually it's the TV station that is using a 4x3 picture in a 16x9 frame. You've seen that on pictures hanging in your home -- a smaller picture surrounded by a white or cream matte.


TV stations can do the same thing with their picture.


A good example is what you are watching, a better example is ESPN with their ESPN side boards, but the one that I recommended you use to verify it's not a cable or TV issue is Discovery's High Definition Theater Channel.


It always fills the screen.


Try channel 1144 for HDT.


Or use your guide around that channel number.


Now if you don't have Hi Definition Cable let me know that, ok?


Also you can't get HD on anything but the HDMI and COMPONENT inputs on your TV set. Video 1 or AV 1 are low def inputs, and you'll only get a 4x3 picture unless you choose a widescreen Psize for that.


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