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Where can I BUY a Portable color TV, under 12 inch screen size,

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Where can I BUY a Portable color TV, under 12 inch screen size, with internal battery and antenna, capable of receiving the new ATSC MOBILE M/H free over-the-air signals while walking, or in a car at 60 miles per hour? All I have seen are the older sets, which receive the standard ATSC 8VSB sigmals, but not the new M/H signals. These sets have been demonstrated and announced, but WHERE can I actuall BUY one TODAY? I am in the Washington. D.C. area.
Here are a few links....
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6
Link 7
Link 8

There are many places online - most brick&mortar stores do not carry them because of their unpopularity... some have them available in their online stores. Most people want DVD portability these days. Also - you will not find many "name brand" units.

CLICK HERE to see a list of the top 10 available.

If you have additional - Just Ask.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Your listing shows me that you are NOT an "expert", as NONE of the TV sets in the first 3 links receive the MOBILE M/H ATSC broadcasts! (I did specifically request this capability)--Are you even aware of this technology? Normal 8VSB ATSC TV is received very poorly on a TV set/antenna in motion, therefore sets such as those referenced by you are basically JUNK, if reception in motion is desired! I am therefore NOT satisfied with your answer, and suggest that you READ my query carefully, and see if you can find a supplier of the NEW, much higher quality, M/H tuner equipped TV sets for me. (As you correctly stated, demand for sets that you did reference is low, and understandably so, as reception is very poor in a mobile, or outdoor handheld environment!)---I do not want such junk, I want a new, high quality, ATSC M/H capable, portable, battery powered color TV, and expect it to cost near $200.00 before discounts.--Dealers are probably trying to DUMP these plain ATSC sets, due to their poor performance, because once a veiwer sees the difference, they will not want the old set.--Robert Curry (retired FCC licensed TV transmitter engineer, WHUT-TV32, PBS)
All of my links have ATSC capable tuners.

I am quite aware - being employed in the Mobile industry since the early 90's and a Mobile Electronics business owner for over 4 years - that an M/H (Mobile Handheld) set uses a ATSC signal. I have seen the conversion, and unhappy customers that spent $900 on a radio with TV tuner - be told their units were obsolete 3 months later after the digital conversion was announced... and was not even aware they have been released yet. I saw them PROTOTYPED and demo'ed at the 2011 CES - but had not heard of a projected release. I'm not sure of the number of stations that have converted yet either.

So while my "expertise" about the signals may not be on the same level as yours (because I am not working with this every day) I also call the doctor's stethoscope - a stethoscope. He probably refers to it as a sphyg. or sphygmomanometer.

I assumed all new portables were M/H or (MPH) capable. Thanks for pointing out that they are not all created equal.

I contacted a few of my suppliers, and they, too were not in the "know".

Because of the physical size of the tuner - what you're seeking is a hard find... but apparently there are some sets already in production.

RCA was the first to release a product in January of a portable MH:

CLICK HERE to go to the online RCA store to see/purchase 5 different TV models and 1 standalone tuner.

Philips (CLICK HERE) purportedly makes 2 sets... PS275 DVD player and PB9013 Blueray player with MH tuners(external antenna). They only started shipping in late March. Availability is hit and miss. Too new to even be listed in their online store??
CLICK HERE for their online store offerings.

Other manufacturers have announced PLANS - like Samsung, LG, and Enspert... but nothing tangible yet.
Also - the "goal" is to have only 40% (something like 20 markets) of stations fitted/upgraded by the end of this year. There is no rush for manufacturers to release products yet. CURRENT COVERAGE MAP

Manufacturers displaying these at CES told me they need more Mobile DTV channels on air. If that doesn't happen, there won't be many ATSC Mobile DTV products at CES 2012, and very little new development.

Good Luck!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Although closer to a answer, I am STILL unable to find a source to actually BUY a battery powered, portable Mobile M/H capable TV! I did NOT find the correct tuners in the sites referenced by you, although, like you, I have HEARD of the existance of such sets from Philips and RCA, as well as LG and Vizio. We have had multiple stations, both VHF and UHF, transmitting the mobile video signals in this area for about TWO YEARS now, and I have been viewing them with a stand-alone tuner, that I got from China, via the internet-it DOES work much better in a car! (with car roof-top external antenna)--Any further info, on where to BUY a good "Mobile/M/H" unit NOW???
All of the sets at the second RCA link in my previous reply are available for purchase.


3.5" DMT335R and DMT336R
7" DMT270R

Are all Hybrids.

From their description "The word “hybrid” comes in because these battery-operated devices can receive both Mobile DTV and standard digital TV signals in four configurations. RCA touts that these gadgets are the first of their kind to offer reception of either regular or mobile broadcasts transmitted from local TV stations."
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks! I have ORDERED the 7" RCA set!

Now hopefully the technology will catch up - and eventually we can get these in car stereos as well.