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Category: TV
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Experience:  6 Years component level TV repair. Ex-Military RADAR and radio repair.
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Hitachi ultra vision rear projection TV--picture is double

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Hitachi ultra vision rear projection TV--picture is double vision with cable and DVD. Each face or letter is projected side by side--usually red letter blue letter--Is this repairable? or what is the problem.

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I am afraid you have some shorted transistors in the TV.


when the colors have blue, yellow, or red outline look, or are way out of whack, you have a hardware failure inside the tv set. This is THE MOST common problem on big-screen TV's.

When the convergence amps go out you cannot adjust or move the projectors. The magic focus (if present) will be no hope I'm afraid. You may not be able to realign that picture without some new parts unfortunately. Read on...

There are some circuits that align the RED, GREEN, and, BLUE, picture tubes to make the picture you see.

**Please understand that by opening a TV you are exposing you self to many dangers, including electrocution. Be sure that the set is un-plugged and keep one hand behind your back whenever possible to avoid a shock through the heart as this CAN KILL YOU. If you have zero electronic experience I would not attempt this repair.**
OK, public service announcement over.

The components that do that job are called "convergence" circuitry. The usual components to fail are the "Convergence Amplifiers" which are usualy a pair of Integrated Circuits mounted to a large heatsink. (STK-392) may be printed on the IC along with some number such as 110, 160, 120. In Hitachi the designation on the circuit board are usually IK03 and IK04 on the right hand side if looking from the rear of the TV.

Also look for burnt resistors around these components, as it is very common. If the problem is isolated to only one color the replacing those STK amps and any burnt resistors will fix it. If all the colors are out of whack (Red, green, and blue, like a 3d effect all over) then you are likely looking at a fuse gone bad in the voltage supply to those amplifiers. Usually Sony or Mitsubishi have these fuses. The fuses (called "pico-fuses") are generally orange, or green, with no color stripes like resistors have.

You can look up these parts online easily with the exception of the burnt resistors and fuses which you usually need a manual(which you can also purchase online). The STK's price will vary from $15-$90 depending on which one, and the resistors have to be of the metal oxide type so as not to change value with heat.

One place to get parts is

You can call Hitachi customer support at the number in your owners manual.

They do this for free so you can get your set repaired.

It will cost you approximately $300 to get your TV fixed. Up to you whether it is worth it or not, I say YES.

Hope that helps!


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