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I have a Mitsubishi 65 DLP 1080p TV, model #WD-65733. When

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I have a Mitsubishi 65" DLP 1080p TV, model #WD-65733. When I turn it on it automatically shuts itself off within a minute. I tried to reset using remote and the "1, 2, 3" but screen is black and cannot see options. I then press and held the reset button on the front display buttons and light flashed like it was supposed to but TV shut itself down again. I'm thinking the lamp is burnt out but do not know why it shuts itself off unless there is some built in safety mechanism to protect the TV? What do you think?


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Get the shutdown error code- After the Tv tries to turn on and shuts down do not reset or unplug, go up to the front panel, press and hold MENU + DEVICE (INPUT) until you see a light on the front start to blink a two digit code like 3 blinks pause 4 blinks repeat, or 5 blinks pause 6 blinks repeat, or 6 blinks pause 6 blinks repeat, etc. What error code did you get?


Inspect the lamp- Has the lamp ever been replaced, when? Find the trap door where the lamp goes, unplug the Tv, take the lamp out and look down inside the glass part. Is it clear and in tact or is it dingy, cracked, bulging, shattered, etc?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The code was 6-6. The lamp has never been replaced. I removed lamp but do not see any burnt or cracked. It looks clear and intact to me.

Good job! 6-6 error is LAMP. Since it has never been changed, that is the very first thing you need to try (even though it looks ok visually). Lamps are designed to run for 4000-6000 hours then they need to be replaced. Here is the lamp you need:


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