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My sony grand wega 60 will not turn on

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My sony grand wega 60 will not turn on
Thanks for stopping by.

4 Flash error indicates an issue with the fan and/or power supply.

90% of the time - the fan is to blame. Check to see if it is working - or clogged with debris. Check the filter too - as if it is dirty, may have lead to the fan's failure.

If the fan does not report properly - the PSB will shut down to prevent damage to the lamp.

These TV’s are completely different, you have a fan error. One of your fans either are not spinning at all or one of them is slow. I would order both fans, they are cheap.

Even if you fix the problem by cleaning the fan, I have found that the fan will eventually fail, so replacement is easy and more permanent.

There is a "squirrel cage" behind the large rear fan, behind the lamp power supply. Check it - give it a bump or wiggle to see if the fan is locked up.
Use some compressed air and blow out all the fans really good, and you may get a little more life out of them.

If you require further - Just Ask.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am not a tv guy. I have no idea how to check the fans or the filters. I have changed the lamp and would be ok with doing the work if i knew how.

There are 4 fans on this set in total.

Large fan on left - Part #:NNN-NN-NNNN(your main concern)
(2) Small fan behind terminal bracket Part #NNN-NN-NNNNbr/>Scirocco fan behind unit cover assembly Part #178733311

Just a phillips screwdriver will allow you to remove the rear chassis cover panel, and show the fans. From here - you can spin by hand - and blow out with compressed air.

When you power on the set - use a flashlight - and perhaps you can see if they are spinning slowly, or not spinning at all.


Then find the fan on the lower left.


Ignore the arrows and text.
And finally - the flowchart to help assess the damage - should cleaning the fans not help.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

You mentioned a filter? Will the filter be visible at the time I remove the back cover? And I did see two fans were spinning freely... especially the large one on the left.


And finally, if after cleaning the unit and the fans (that appear to be working fine) do I need to be looking to replace the power supply? If that is the case do you think I can replace the power supply or should I take it to a tech at that point?

I mentioned a filter - as some units have actual filters that you can remove and clean - then replace. Some simply have screens or mesh. I don't see that in the service manual for this particular set.
The fans are spinning - but are they spinning fast? I know - hard to tell with nothing to compare it to.

I really don't think the power supply is the issue - it is rarely the case in a 4 blink error. Its one of 4 bad fans that is not reporting the correct voltage.

If after cleaning the fans - the next step is actually testing the voltages to determine if the fan is faulty. If you're not comfortable testing (or don't even own a multimeter) then yes, a tech should be paid to determine the component giving the actual fault.

Normally - this would be between $35 and $50 depending on your location... and if there is an issue after the inspection - the fee is credited toward the repair.

You can expect a bill of under $100 should only 1 fan be bad.

I didn't mention to remove the lamp assembly that you installed, and look into the cavity. It my be impeding a fan if improperly inserted as well.

Without the set in front of me it is difficult to go by just the service manual.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
<p>I guess my next step is to actually get busy and open up the tv. I do have an ohm meter available, but I dont know where to check the voltages at. I read the flow chart but dont know where to physically look for the fandrive and feedback voltages.</p>   <p>If I find a fan not working and decide to replace it, where is the best place to order from? </p> <p>And can I order a free service manual with illustrations from anywhere?</p><p>Also, I can get the TV to turn on if I remove the lamp and put it back in. Originally I bought another lamp when this problem happened, but the new lamp has the same problem. If I turn off the TV the only way I can turn it back on is pull the lamp and put it back in. Seems CrAzY</p>
I have given you the information you require to troubleshoot your set.

Taking you step-by-step through the process is not something a $13 deposit would cover. (of which I see only a token amount). I hope you understand.

This is not the correct forum for a first "untrained" dive into a potentially lethal endeavor.

The flowchart gives the exact reference points on the board to check.
There will be corresponding numbers printed on the circuit board.

An Ohm meter is not what you need - you need to be able to measure DC voltage with the system powered on.

The service manual is not readily available online... as each service manual is approximately $125 print copy, and Sony frowns upon techs giving the information. If you are caught - and are an authorized service center - they pull the authorization - no questions asked. And is likely why the information is not so abundant online.

I'm happy to copy snippets of mine here and there - but providing the entire thing is something I will not do.

If you're on the monthly unlimited plan - that is a different story... as I can get credit for each answer provided... it is actually worth the time investment (on both of our parts).

If you're on the unlimited plan - ask away. If not - you may want to sign up. It allows unlimited questions for one low fee for 30 days. This also allows experts to get multiple accepts and increase earnings.

Take the back off the Set to start with - and then take a look around. See if it is something you wish to tackle.

Let me know what you decide.


Warning: TV circuits are dangerous, make sure you follow all safety procedures. It is suggested you should have at least a little knowledge of electronics and the dangers associated before attempting any repairs without proper training. Electronics (especially TVs) contain potentially LETHAL amounts of electricity that must be completely and properly discharged before attempting or troubleshooting repairs.

If you decide to attempt a DIY repair - do it only if you have full and total confidence in yourself and your abilities, and understand the consequences of working in this type of environment un-trained.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I did sign up for 30days unlimited promo - if I replace all the fans and the problem does not go away, is the power supply the problem. If the power supply is then the problem is that something I can replace?


Once I open the back panel will I see all the fans and the power supply?

You should not need to replace all the fans.

They are tested (as the flowchart indicates) and only the ones out of spec should be.

There are 2 wires to each fan.
A positive (noted as DR (drive))
And a negative (noted as FB (Feedback)) on the board each is mounted to.

Using your Multimeter - set to read DC voltage, put the black probe to a metal somewhere on the chassis... and probe the DR and FB wires where they meet the board.

During power-on... all FB wires should be 1VDC or less (if it is more - the fan should be replaced)
You can verify on the Drive side (DR pin) - if the voltage is NOT 6VDC - the ASU/DSU assembly must be replaced.

These voltages are to be read the instant you try to power on the set. So keep an eye on the meter while you turn it on.

The power supply seems to be working in your set... as it is powering on... but it is not getting the correct feedback voltage from one of the fans, an shutting down to avoid overheating and damage. Once you find the fan/s and replace them... your set should work as before.

Each time you see a chance to ACCEPT an answer I have provided please do so by using the green ACCEPT button, so i am credited for each answer. You can continue to comment and accept using the same thread. There is no need to open a new question after each accept.

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And remember - it is UNLIMITED - we have some very talented experts in all aspects of life... Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, and just about anything else you can imagine. Take advantage of the unlimited promotion, and ask away. The experts appreciate it!

Let me know what you find after verifying at least the first 2 visible fans. If you run into a problem, try to describe as best you can the point you are at, and where the issue is.

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