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power surge last night and both of my flat panel TVs popped

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power surge last night and both of my flat panel TVs popped and no longer work. One is a Vizio 37" LCD and the other is a Panasonic 50" plasma. The Vsio has a blue screen, but no picture will come up(but the menu will - still nothing). Changed the cable box to another TV and it works so I know it is the TV and not the cable box. The Panasonic is not coming up at all. It will power on, but no picture comes up and neither will the menu. The cable box to the Panasonic appears to have died as well. Completely unresponsive. I brought in an operating cable box and connected to the Panasonic, same issue. No picture nor am I able to get the menu options to come up. Am I looking at dead TV's here??
Both tv's power on but you can not get video to work. I would try another input on the Vsio like the component or composite. In either case I would try replacing the main board on both tv's. The main microprocessor probably took a zap. The main board should be relatively easy to change and not that expensive if you do it yourself.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
On the visio, I did that....I tried every input option for the cable and also a PS3 to see if I could get an image or any response from the TV, nothing. When I hooked up a functioning 23" samsung flat panel, no problem...I got my cable to come on and I also hooked up the PS3 and it came on as well. So I know it is not my cable box or PS3 player that are bad. How much am I looking at for a replacement main board on a visio L37? If I have little electronic experience, is this still something you feel is a do it yourself project? I am even more concerned, honestly, about my 50" panasonic....that one is going to be a heck of a lot more to replace than my 37" visio....
In either case the main board is not that difficult to replace. Here is the part number for the Panasonic main board TNPH0716ABS. Here is a link but it appears to be out of stock on Shop Jimmy.

If you give me the model number I can find you the part number and possible a link to the Visio.
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