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I have a HLR5078WX/XAA and my son gave this to me but it buzzes

Customer Question

I have a HLR5078WX/XAA and my son gave this to me but it buzzes really loud intermittenly. It will stop and start and then finally after about 5 minutes it quits with three codes. Two of them are in green and one in red and it appears to be turned off by itself. The codes are in the power button on the front. The green codes are "Timer" and "Lamp" and the red code is STAND BY/TEMP. There is no picture at all. Sometimes during the buzzing it sounds like crickets making noise. My son gave this to me thinking it only needed a lamp so I bought one and put it in but it didn't help. The lamp code is till on as I can't get the lamp seated properly in the back.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

You have two problems -- the first is the $75 lamp that won't fit in the lamp slot.

I've seen that, and the casing is not the manufacturer's original casing -- it's generic at that price.


What do I do when I run into that? I swap the lamps in the casing. In your situation, if you could return it for a Samsung original that costs $140, it would be a better investment.


Samsung originals come in a box with the Samsung LOGO on it (usually blue and white box with the blue Samsung Oval)


Generics blow....really bad Generics don't fit. Angry owners with really bad generics usually damage the lamp plug and end up with another $200 ballast.


Not worth the $65.00 savings.....


Now the BUZZ you mention is actually WHY the lamp won't light....


You press the power button...the buzz starts within one second of pressing the power button. When it shuts down, you hear the buzz NOT STOP -- it sounds like it spins down ! That points to a BAD Color Wheel !


And if the Color wheel cannot get up to FULL SPEED, then lamp does not get the ok signal to fire !


Bad bearing in that color wheel -- needs replaced.


The part number for your color wheel is -- BP96-01103A


You can buy it here --


Both of those places sell Samsung originals, any other online store will be questionable as to whether it's generic or not.


Always phone them for that answer...


Now, I am going to build a set of dissassembly instructions for you. I'll be back


Ok, here's the disassembly instructions, they're pretty concise. The plugs to separate the chassis from the engine is the only place you need to exercise your own judgement.














Now usually there's only two problems I have seen with installing the color wheel. It can cause the TV to turn on, but the 3 lights up front will start flashing if you have these problems.


The Color wheel is cocked in the compartment and is jammed/won't spin -- simply loosen the screws holding the color wheel in the compartment and lift it up and check the rubber gasket is IN it's slots.


Check to make sure the FOIL side of the ribbon cable is pointed towards the back of the TV set , not the Front !


Either one has happened to me several times thru the years, so don't be surprised if your TV doesn't start -- that wheel MUST spin up to light the lamp.


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I do like your answer. I believe it is the color wheel because it sounds like a bearing is going out or some motor is having a hard time getting up to speed. I believe I will buy the color wheel before I change or exchange the lamp. I will install the color wheel and then try the new lamp because it looks like the new lamp is installed correctly. (I took it out and put it back in). What do you think?

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Color wheels will STOP a lamp from lighting, yet the flashing lights up front will always tell you the lamp is bad.


The fact is the TV THINKS it's bad because it never sends the LAMP OK signal, and the COLOR WHEEL OK signal has to be there so the lamp will start.


To me, it's very logical, and I have seen that problem. So I'm sure that will fix your problem.


You got everything you need I think -- part number, places to buy it at, disassembly instructions, you should be good to go.


Keep the Email with the can use that to contact me anytime, even if you ACCEPT or close the question. You have a drop down box labled REPORT I think that gives you the ability to OPEN the question again.


So don't worry, you aren't going to be abandoned if you save the Email, ok?


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.


TV Tech1 and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The color wheel fixed the problem and I have been enjoying the picture,etc however there the left side of the screen is missing about 4 inches . The section is dark and can't see all the channel nos while using Att uverse
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Ok, logically -- IF you pulled out the engine to service the color wheel and NOW you suddenly have a black band on the left side of your TV set that you can't see ANY picture from.....I would believe that the engine MIGHT be COCKED in it's slots!


That would be the very first thing I'd Check !




If the 4 inches of picture that you are missing is being blocked --- not just shifted to the right like a cocked engine would do...then I'd be sticking my eyes into one of those circular access holes found on the left or right side of the TV cabinet, so I could peek in and see if there is something blocking the ball lens -- a piece of felt or maybe a wire perhaps.


Lastly -- if that blocked area on the left is actually a "darkened picture" where you can see the left side but it's Darker than the rest of the may have had one of the mirrors in the light tunnel fall down and block some of the light.


That issue looks like someone slid a piece of Sunglass material onto the left edge of the TV screen.


All black / No picture -- Look for something blocking the lens


Darker picture on left side -- suspect the light tunnel


Picture shifted to the right -- look at the engine tray being cocked / shifted/ out of it's slot/ wire cable is tucked under the tray.


Your description seems to point to something blocking the lens.