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I have a sharp Aquos and the volume on the TV doesnt work

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I have a sharp Aquos and the volume on the TV doesn't work - always in mute.t
I put the TV on mute and forgot about it for a few hours-when I tried to get sound-nothing.
There is nothing wrong with the remote, I unplugged the TV and it still is mute.
Hopefully you can help
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

Can you give us the full model number on the back of the TV (or on top of your owner manual). Also, do you have a cable/satellite box? When you say it's still in mute, do you mean it's actually in mute mode or do you see the volume indicator going up but the TV stay silent?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I will get the model number. it is not actually in mute-just no sound. the volume control is going up and down correctly but no sound is produced-model number shortly
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Model number LC-37d4uj
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


All of sudden the sound works! As strange as it sounds it seems to have something to do with leaving the tv on mute for extended periods of time.

Please respond and let me know you received this message.


What do we do about the money?


Thank you!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

as time goes on the volume goes on and off- perhaps i blew a speaker.

are you still there?

It can always be a lot of things, but i think you suffer the insulation pad problem (especially that the problem can disappear): [click me]. This is a fix you can do yourself. The part number of the pad is PSPAZA663WJKZ. You can always call SHARP to send you one (they extended the warranty at one point for this as it's a major defect but i don't know if the extension is still valid. If they don't want to send one to you for free, you can always order it from that link: [click me]
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