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I have a Sony KF-50WE610. When I turn power on the green light

Resolved Question:

I have a Sony KF-50WE610. When I turn power on the green light starts flashing and then there is a buzzing sound. The green light continues flashing and the buzz sounds two more times. After that the red Lamp light begins flashing. I am a Navy electronics tech but don't have much t.v. repair experience. I would like to know if I should just order a bulb or if the buzzing is an indication of another problem. I haven't bothered to take the t.v. apart yet to look at it but I am more than willing to if you think it is worth the time.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Mike G. replied 6 years ago.


Sorry to hear about your problem, I will be happy to help. Please be aware that the procedures that are required to solve your problem can be complex and in some cases you will have to replace parts that may be expensive. Solving your problem depends on your ability to provide detailed responses and following directions very carefully. The more information you can provide the better chance of solving your problem.


Your Tv uses a lamp to project the picture onto the screen. The lamp is designed to last 4000-6000 hours then it needs to be replaced. It is fairly simple, just goes in a trap door in the Tv. Here is the lamp you need: If you need further assistance please reply here.

I hope you find the information I've provided valuable considering the average price of in-home Tv service and don't forget to click the ACCEPT button. Thanks for using Just Answers.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Mike,

I appreciate the answer but I was aware of the probable necessity to replace the lamp. I wanted to know about the buzzing sound and the fact that the t.v. wasn't showing the 6 green flashes that are the normal indications of a bad lamp in this model of t.v. before I went ahead and ordered the lamp. Any information is appreciated or just let me know if I'm over-thinking it.
Expert:  Mike G. replied 6 years ago.

Has the lamp ever been replaced since you had the Tv? Because as I said they are designed to last 4000-6000 hours.


Just because the indicators on the front don't match what the user manual tells you they should read, does not mean the lamp has not failed. In fact they rarely do match what the manual says they are supposed to be.


Pull the old lamp out and look at it. Is is dingy and dusty? Is the reflector cracked or discolored? Is there a bulge in the base of the stem? Is the filament clean and clear or warped and burnt?


I suspect the buzzing noise is the blown lamp arcing while the ballast is firing it.




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