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the sound stopped working on my mitusbishi diamond with speaker

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<p>the sound stopped working on my mitusbishi diamond with speaker bar</p><p>Model LT46249.  Anybody out there?</p>

Hi, just got your question...


So you have a Mitsubishi Diamond....and a speaker bar. Is it a Mitsubishi Diamond too?

Or is it Infinity, Polk...Spago?


What is the MODEL number of your speaker bar, and the brand name?


Also, can you tell us what cable you use to connect the two units together? Optical? RCA stereo? RCA Digital??


Let me know, I'll get back to you.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The TV is a Mitsubishi LT46249. We bought the Unisen Sound bar from the dealer and they came together. This sound bar attaches directly to the bottom of the TV. There are no apparent cables. The power light for the TV is on the left end of the sound bar and the IR receiver is on the right end.



What you describe is the TV set -- I just looked over the accessories and the owner's manual, and the part you speak of -- the "sound bar" is a part of the TV set, not separate. Look at this --







And the part list does not show the "sound bar" as a separate unit, and it does not show any instructions on mounting it to the TV set either. -- Check this




So the sound bar that comes with the TV set is integrated into the TV set, and is not a separate part..


So the only logical conclusion I can come to is the Sound bar is not an actual "SOUNDBAR" when we are talking "soundbars"'s the TV speakers.


But what you STATE is what's WEIRD --


We bought the Unisen Sound bar from the dealer and they came together. This sound bar attaches directly to the bottom of the TV. There are no apparent cables. The power light for the TV is on the left end of the sound bar and the IR receiver is on the right end.


I have to trust you. If that BAR came separate, and there is a POWER light and an IR receiver on it, and it came SEPARATE -- then there is a connection somewhere on it that had to be connected -- If you HAD sound before on it, then I can only suspect the CONNECTION isn't connected, OR if you NEVER had sound on it, then maybe the speaker on/off setting for that SPECIFIC INPUT is turned off !!


Yes, each INPUT does have it's OWN SETTINGS....they are not GLOBAL.


If you set your Cable box to use the TV speakers, you can set your DVD player to use the Audio Amplifier and not the TV speakers. To set it, you have to have that input ACTIVE. You can't change the DVD player settings while watching Cable TV.

Keep that in mind.

Now, if you actually DO have separated speakers, you DO have a connection that must be connected. And if MITS just re-modified thier model, they sure didn't tell anyone about the change.

If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The Unisen sound bar has a Mitsubishi face plate. It attaches directly to the bottom of the TV. We're look at it to see if we can figure out how it's connected, but there are no obvious cables or plugs, and the owner's manual talks about how to set up the surround sound with it, but never talks about how to take it off of the TV.


The TV "recognizes" the cable box when it's plugged in, along with the DVD player. We name the devices but that's all that we set up. Before yesterday at 6 PM, both the cable box and the DVD player played through the TV speakers and had sound.


The manual talks about how on the audio menu, there is a Speaker option to set to TV. However, the audio menu on the TV doesn't show that, it starts with the bass and treble sliders. The manual says "the speaker option is available if a subwoofer connection has not been connected." We don't have a subwoofer hooked up, and the audio menu does not give us a Subwoofer option.


Are there speakers on the Mitsubishi TV itself, where if we could figure out how to take this speaker bar off, maybe they would play?


I'm sorry but I don't understand part of your reply. Do you want me to try to set up the DVD player to use the Audio Amplifier? If you could tell me step by step, I could try that. What I really want is to be able to see and hear the Super Bowl on it. I was just using the DVD player to confirm with the cable company that it didn't seem to be a problem with the cable box.

Well, the odd thing is this detachable speaker bar -- my information doesn't show a detachable one.


This is a picture of the TV set, and yes the speaker section does look separated from the display --




So it is possible that the TV does come in two parts for shipping....


Here is the speaker assembly totally broken down --




What I'm looking REAL HARD FOR is the CONNECTOR that connects it to the display to carry the Audio and the IR reciever and Power lamp signals ! That's what I'm kind of stuck on, because if YOU had it disconnected, installed it, then it worked, but NOW it doesn't....we always look for the obvious first like a plug that was partly plugged in, and is now Unplugged.


Other than that, your main audio processing board is bad, and we don't go there until we look at the obvious and the cheap repairs. Obvious is like the speaker on/off switch and the connector that must connect if the speaker assembly was shipped separated from the TV set.


Obviously Mitsubishi didn't include those instructions with the customer's installation notes, and I would have EXPECTED them to be including if it's separate.


Does not compute....does not compute....Error.....Errrrrror....( Kirk has Scotty beam TV Tech-1 off his ship where he explodes)


So TV Tech-1 gets miffed, regenerates, crawls back into Kirk's ship thru the plasma ducts, looks further into the situation, and discovers that there IS a CONNECTION !


Right there....right by the green box. Those wires go DOWN, so you had to have a connection to the TV's speakers, and what I need from you is VERIFICATION --



Now, that speaker that you got separately -- did you notice if that speaker looks like the one in the FIRST picture? That's part of the TV set, and I HOPE to God they didn't charge extra for that ! It's REAL ODD that Mitsubishi did not include installation notes in the customer manual , and I'm not going to explode again because it makes no sense to me.


What I'm more concerned about is the fact that if you had to install it, you had to remember a plug needing to be plugged in before mounting the speaker assembly. Obviously your power lamp works, your Infra Red reciever works with the remote, so logically your speakers should too -- unless you had TWO PLUGS that needed to be plugged in.


Now, looking EVEN CLOSER -- there is a 3 block connection point JUST FOR if you didn't plug in 4 plugs, then those connectors MUST BE contact connections ! What I mean by that is you screw in the speakers, and the BODY of the speaker box comes in contact with pressure connections on the BODY of the TV cabinet !


Now THAT makes sense if you didn't connect anything together !


And if so....well the connections must not be making contact if all 27,000 tiny speakers are dead in the water.


That or the main board died....but each speaker has it's own little amp, and that is Very don't blow 27,000 amps, you blow 1 or 2. Then you still get sound.


See how we have to ANALYSE your situation? I'd be looking for bad connection points, too much gap between the speaker assembly and the TV set, or SOMETHING in the menu completely turning off the entire Speaker system !


That's more logical....


Obviously I'm not there IN THE ROOM to check and see if you have some spring-loaded contacts on the plastic body, or if you have this SLOT that something pokes into from the other unit, or if you have a little tiny SUPER PLUG that you had to plug in per a separate set of instuctions, but you had SOMETHING to connect-- some how, some way.


Don't worry about the DVD and some separate amp...that has nothing to do with the sound...I was suggesting that you LOOK at the Audio settings for a speaker on/off setting, but you MUST Look at the settings when you have no sound on your TV set. Each INPUT can control it's speaker can have the TV speakers work on the Cable box, and have the DVD output it's audio to an amp with the TV speakers turned off.


So when you change inputs, the TV remembers how you want your Audio run.





Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No, I don't have a detachable speaker bar. It is the one that comes with the TV.

I called the company that sold us the TV. They sent a man over and he did some kind of reset (not the one in the owner's manual that we had tried) and now the speakers work. He said someone pushed the wrong button and had the TV looking for an AVR, so it turned off the TV speakers. I asked him how to do the reset, he said he couldn't tell me, the factory only wants the service technicians to know it. I asked him which wrong buttons we'd pushed, and he wasn't sure. I asked why the option to turn the TV speakers on and off as it shows in the owner's manual doesn't show up on my TV. He didn't know. However the TV speakers work now.


I appreciate your time. If you know what the "secret" factory reset is, I'd sure like to have that handy, just in case we somehow push the wrong buttons again.

Ah, that's the speaker on/off setting that locked you out ! AVR stands for Audio/Video Reciever -- that's an audio amp in other words.


Good news, and I'll give that super secret code to you, but only if you PROMISE not to have a "lets see what this does when I change that setting" party with your friends.


And you have to promise NOT to give it to others, because what usually happens is -- it gets on the internet, some KID starts playing around with it, and POOF ! No picture, no sound, and the Tech attempting to fix that KID's TV set is never told that the service menu was accessed and that's why the TV won't turn on.


As Techs, we need to know stuff like that. And nobody wants to tell us, because they think it will cost more, and it does because we don't KNOW they messed with the service menu !

So we go off in the wrong direction, assuming the customer didn't have access to the service menu.


Ok, here it is -- do the yellow one, and only use the green one if needed, ok?

A picture keeps it from being "searched" on the internet !




Ok, we're done then....


If you have any questions, just ask

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.


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