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How To Turn Off Closed Captions On A Sharp TV?

Resolved Question:

How do I turn off the closed caption (words) option on my Sharp TV?

I do not know what happened to make it appear.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Eric replied 6 years ago.

I will need some information first. What is the TV model and is there a cable or Dish box connected?

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - Cable Model - LC-40078UN

Eric - Where did you get this number from the cable box or the remote? Do you know the TV model from the back of the TV?

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - I got if from the back of the TV.

Eric - The number LC-40078UN does not come up in my search. I will need to know what cable company you are using. The more information you give me; the better I can help you.

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - Charter 40D78UN

Eric - The closed caption message could be coming from either the TV or cable box; cable companies here on the East Coast are usually Brighthouse or Comcast. Charter is probably a West Coast company.

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - Charter is the East Coast. The CC appears after a button was pushed on the remote.

Eric - Which box do you have? Motorola Scientific Atlantic or Cisco?

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - Motorola.

Eric - And I now see the TV is Sharp. Motorola uses either the DCT 2500 6200 6208 6412 or 6416 box. Which one is yours? 2500 is black and 6200 is silver.

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - I have 2500. The remove involved was to the TV. The DVR remote was not being used.

Eric - Okay, I'm downloading the manual. There may be a button marked CC on the remote. Here is the manual - Linked
Page 13 shows the remote location - 15 is the CC button that should turn off the closed captions. Press the CC button repeatedly until it says off.

JACUSTOMER-0xbfqs36 - Thank you! After reading the manual and pressing the CC button three times - the text is no longer on the screen.

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