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Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan, TV Repair Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  Factory trained TV repair technician. U.S. NAVY trained.
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my samsung lcd hd tv is blinking all 3 lights and says its

Customer Question

my samsung lcd hd tv is blinking all 3 lights when off.
When i turn the tv on, everything starts working and the bottom right green light starts blinking. this light is usually on solid. the light on the bottom middle is light up indicating that the tv is on. but no picture comes on. how do i fix my tv how do i fix my tv?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 6 years ago.

There is a very good chance that we have a bad lamp here. Which is about the best case for you.


Do you still have your owners manual? If so there are instructions on how to remove the lamp. I think the first thing we should do here is take it out and inspect it. We might find that it is shattered and know without a doubt that it needs to be replaced.


If you do not have you owners manual let me know and I will get you instructions on how to change the lamp.


Also if you don't know about the lamps in these sets here is some information: These lamps are a "consumer replaceable item" meaning they are made for you to change. This is similar to changing a light bulb in a lamp but allot more expensive and a little more difficult. These lamps last on average anywhere from 1 to 3 years before they need to be changed. They also burn out based upon the number of hours the tv is on and the number of times the tv is turned on in its life. The more you watch the tv the faster the lamp will burn out, and the more you turn the tv on and off the faster it will burn out. There is really no way to prolong the life of a lamp other than not watch the tv, so most people don't worry about it to much and just expect for this to happen ever couple of years.


If you have the owner's manual, follow the instructions and remove the lamp, tell me what you see. If you don't have it let me know and I will get you the instructions to remove it.




If you would like any additional information or have more questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Please never accept an answer until you are 100% satisfied and feel you can leave positive feedback. If I have answered your questions and met your needs then please press the green "accept" button. Otherwise please feel free to ask anything else to get your problem resolved. Positive feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you,
Tim Nolan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i dont have an owners manual
Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 6 years ago.

Look on the back left side, do you see the lamp door? If so you need to take that off, then you will see the lamp where you can take the screw out of the left side of it and pull it out. I will keep trying to find a manual if you cannot get it out.




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
im sorry, i had to attend to my son yesterday, he was just born about a month ago and is high maintence.
i havent really been able to find where the lamp is located so i dont know if that is the problem. i have practically taken apart the back of the tv and cant find where the lamp is located.
Is it usually this difficult to locate the lamp or am i not looking in the right place?
i took apart the bottom part of the back of the tv and couldnt locate the lamp, where would it be?
Expert:  Tim Nolan replied 6 years ago.

You should see on the left side a small door, that should come off and the lamp slides out the side there, do you see that?