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I just bought a Sony 60 810 TV how high off the floor should

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I just bought a Sony 60" 810 TV how high off the floor should I mount it? I start at 7' back from the wall with my seating. The seats are 38" deep by 421/2" high Thank You Ed
Hi Ed.I do some of this mounting with my company.You have a very nice tv there have put in a few and have not needed to repair any yet.Heres what we do.If there is a doorway close to the wall we start even with the doorway.That is the top of tv even with top of doorway.The women seem more critical of this because they like things more symmetrical.At least thats what I have run into.Pin something up in that spot then take a seat looking at it.If you have to bend neck or have some strain start lowering it.The best is when little effort is made to see tv.We have done this with great results.Be warned however that usually the lady of the house will still want it even with doorway.Hope this helps you.I will be on tonite if you need follow up questions.Tom
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