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I need to troubleshoot an HDMI problem with my daughters JVC

Customer Question

I need to troubleshoot an HDMI problem with my daughter's JVC model 55G466 DLP TV. HDMI input has not worked correctly for many years. Warranty service performed a couple of years but did not fix problem completely. Original problem was a green screen when trying to use an HDMI input cable. Service tech said he corrected the HDMI problem but at that time my daughter was only using the component video connections and did not verify that the HDMI input had been corrected. On Christmas she got a PS3 and we tried using the HDMI input which now only gives a black screen. When using both video outputs form the PS3 (one HDMI and the other composite) I can see that the PS3 is detecting that the HDMI input is available but not audio or video can bee seen on the digital input. Since the unit is out-of-warranty now, I thought I'd give the repair a shot myself. Can someone help get me started. I do not yet have a service remote.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  Mike G. replied 6 years ago.


Sorry to hear about your problem, I can help you today.


You can do a reset of the HDMI port, but if that doesn't fix it then you will need to replace the digital board. Replacing the board is not cheap and very very complicated. You don't need a special remote to reset the port, just the JVC remote that came with the Tv. Here is the procedure:


Before entering the SERVICE MENU, confirm that the setting
of TV/CATV SW of the REMOTE CONTROL UNIT is at the
"TV" side and the setting of VCR/DVD SW of the REMOTE
CONTROL UNIT is at the "VCR" side. If the switches have not
been properly set, you cannot enter the SERVICE MENU.
1) Press [SLEEP TIMER] key and while the indication of
SLEEP TIMER 0 MIN is being displayed, press
[DISPLAY] key and [VIDEO STATUS] key (Fig.2)
2) The SERVICE MENU screen is displayed.

3) Select 2 for Self Check. Then turn the TV off, and after the fan turns off, unplug the power cord for 30 seconds.

4) Reconnect the power cord, turn the TV on and test the HDMI port.


If it doesn't work the first try, go ahead and try it a few more times. If you need further assistance please reply here. Don't forget to click the ACCEPT button if you find this information helpful, and keep in mind that the average price of an in-home Tv diagnosis is $125!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Mike,

Sorry it has taken me to get back to you but the TV I am diagnosing is my daughter's and not located at my house.

Your procedure worked as written. After performing it, all results listed as OK except two of the three entries listed beside the sync test. The first entries came up as NG.

The HDMI teat was OK.

The HDMI (digital in) screen is still just a black screen.

Any other possibilities? If you suspect that the HDMI board is bad, do you have a part number for the replacement HDMI board and a supplier who I could order it from?


Expert:  Mike G. replied 6 years ago.

PS3's are a pain to work with. Often you have to keep resetting the PS3's output to HD and back. I don't own a PS3, but have run into them at work. Here is one thing you can try:

Also get a hold of a dvd or bluray player to test on the Tv. It may be the Tv is ok.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks again,

As you identified, I know the PS3 video output kinda locks into a mode based on the video input it detects the first time you power it up. I have used the power reset feature reset feature several times because we have brought the PS3 to my house to test it out. I am able to get the HDMI output to work with my HD computer monitor and my JVC HD TV (which is the same model that my daughter bought. I will however, take your advise and find another HD device that I will test on the input.

Can the JVC self-test pass all the HDMI board tests and the board still be bad?

I will accept you answer after this final attempt to get the problem resolved. If I want to attempt to replace the HDMI board, can you give me the part number I need and where I can get the part?
Expert:  Mike G. replied 6 years ago.


The HDMI port can get disabled by shining a flashlight on the back of the Tv near the HDMI port. It's a "feature" thought up by JVC to prevent someone from running the Tv while it's open (exposed to light).


I've had to perform the reset procedure 3 and 4 times sometimes to make it "stick".


Yes, it can be reset successfully and still have a defective board. The only fix then is to replace the board. Here is the part you need: The installation is very difficult. If you fudge a connector, you are screwed:


Unplug Tv.

Remove lamp door.

Remove rear cover.

Remove metal cover where the inputs are.

Remove screws, unplug some connectors, and slide the entire chasis out.

Disconnect several connectors to the Digital board.

Remove one screw holding board in and take out board.

Separate board from daughter board/bracket.

Install new board and re-assemble.

After Tv is completely re-assembled, plug in and power on.

Perform the HDMI reset procedure.

Do not shine a flashlight near the back of the Tv.

Do not put the back of the Tv near a big open window where light can shine in on it during the day.

Test HDMI port.


I wish you good luck (no joke)!




Mike G. and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The price of the replacement board is sufficient to make me think that this repair may not even be worth it. Especially when there is no guarantee that the board is bad. I guess we will live with the TV as it is. Maybe I can get an HDMI to component video adaptor to use with the PS3.

Thanks for all your help and advice.