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I purchased a previously owned Sylvania LC420SS8 LCD TV. Ive

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I purchased a previously owned Sylvania LC420SS8 LCD TV. I've been trying to program our comcast remotes to use to use the general funtions of the TV's remote (Vol, Mute, etc), and nothing works on this TV. We purchased a cheap GE universal remote and tried to program that also using all of the instructions with the remote and still nothing. Is there some paticular kind of universal remote that works best with this TV Model that you would recoment?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer. I assume the TV work well with it's front button (first thing to check). The Sylvania TV are indeed badly supported with many "universal" remote control. One solution is to get to get the original remote for that TV: link. Or get a more high end universal remote, the TV you have check supported with this one: link.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I do have the original remote for the TV and it works fine. I just want a universal remote so we can operate the TV, Cable box and DVD. I don't want to spend a large sum of money just for a universal remote, and I don't want to keep buying them just to find out if they will work or not. That's why I went to your site from Sunai who I guess bought Sylvania TVs, am I correct?
Yes, Sylvania is a Funai brand now. On the second link i posted, you will find a link "check compatibility now". You can enter the model number of all the equipments you have and see if they will work (a green check mean they are supported). If they are not supported, you can still use those remote to record the signal of your other infrared remote (as it's not working for radio frequency remotes).
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I typed in "" which sent me to you, instead of " I've already gotten basic information about the Logitech devices yesterday when I searched for universal remotes, but none of them could give me an answer as to whether their device would work or not. So far I have tried GE remotes, One for All remotes and I'm not going to spend any more money until I find our for sure what the TV manufacturer says. I guess I got myself ripped off by paying for this service just because I missunderstood what the telephone service said when I called the number on the manual. I thought they said Sunai instead of Funai. I didn't get anymore information from you than I had already gotten on my own. I suppose I cannot get a refund, right?
You are never forced to click accept unless you are satisfied with the answer. The TV manufacturers don't keep track of universal remote and the compatibility with their product. But i verified the Logitech Harmony and it support the TV you have. If you want a refund, just mention it clearly and i will tag the question for a refund, if instead it helped you (and only if you are satisfied) click accept so i can receive the payment.
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