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Samsung TV is blinking on and off - Please help!!!!

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My 46"(?) Samsung flatscreen tv picture blinks on and off. The audio is fine. It is about 2 1/2 years old. It used to happen randomly and now seems to happen all the time. I would unplug it and replug it and the would take care of it sometimes. Do you know what the problem is?

The model number is XXXXX T4085F


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Does it do this on other inputs like a dvd too please?


When it blinks on and off is it going black then back to normal ?


Does it ever stay black for any length of time?


Many Thanks


Customer: replied 6 years ago.


It does it constantly when it is turned on regardless of input. It is almost like a constant flicker. on and off at 1/2 second intervals. black then back to normal, black then back to normal.


Never stays black.


Is it time to get a new tv?




Hello Tom


Its the backlight flickering this is just behind the display panel (not visible physically)its either an invertor fault this controls the backlight or it could be the backlight itslf its difficult to say, if it is the backlight this wont be an economic feasible repair as the backlight is regarded as being integral to the panel itself and the costs would equate to another set


To make an assessment it would need to go on the bench in a workshop environment or the invertor replaced and if fault was still present the backlight is indeed faulty


In my experience with this type of issue its turned out to be the backlight but as I say it would need to be assessed costs here are usually about $50 which is deductable from the total bill


Let me know if you need more info



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