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My Technika L22/14A tv has sound but the picture looks like

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My Technika L22/14A tv has sound but the picture looks like the brightness has been turned all the way down. No picture really visible but when I look down at the screen you can see the picture but very dull.

How can I reset it to show the picture too as when I select the LCD menu it doesnt show on the screen

Hello and welcome to my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm here to help you with your TV problem.


If you press the menu button and at the same time shine a bright torch on the screen can you see the menu in the beam where it hits the screen?


If you can see the menu this way, then it seems that the inverter/ballast that drives the LCD "backlights" has failed.


How old is the TV please?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you for that answer I have already tried that and although I could see the menus when I made alterations it made no difference to the picture.

The tv is just over 2 years old

Hello and thankyou for your reply


I'm sorry to tell you that if the inverter/ballast has malfunctioned and therefore the alterations won't help. The light at the back of the TV screen which makes the picture visible is not working.


As you are in Ireland, please check the local Consumer law because in England,

Consumer law says a product should last for a "reasonable length of time" which you could take to be 5 years IMHO for a TV. 6 years is the maximum time that you can file a grievance about an unsatisfactory product. If you bought your TV from a retail shop, I would call the manager and say that you want it repaired for free if the Consumer law protects you there.


Failing this, if you have TV repair experience and want to do the repair yourself I have found a replacement part here



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