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My Mitsubishi WD-65733 doesnt recognize the HDMI input.

Customer Question

My Mitsubishi WD-65733 doesn't recognize the HDMI input.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm here to help you with your TV problem.


What is the source please for the HDMI signal as sometimes you need to set this output type in the settings for the source equipment so that the digital signal is sent from the HDMI output connectors to TV's HDMI input connector.


Is the source plugged directly into the TV or routed through other equipment?


Do you have another HDMI source to verify that the problem is not with the source's HDMI output connector please?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The source is a Pioneer AV receiver VSX 1020. This is a brand new unit. I am replacing a old Yamaha AV receiver. The HDMI worked fine with the Yamaha AV receiver. The TV should have just recognized the HDMI input, but it is just stuck on ANT1. I have also tried using a different HDMI cable. Also I've tried hooking up the cablebox directly to the TV via HDMI. I've tried hooking componet video/audio to COMP1 and it does reconginze that input.
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 6 years ago.

Thankyou for the reply and sorry for the delay in getting back to you


If you select the input manually by following this pg from your manual can you get the signal to show that way?




On pg43 of the manual please use the Inputs Menu to make sure that all HDMI ports are active so that the "Auto Input Sensing" feature can detect sources .


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I have configured the inputs. It shows HDMI1 as an input. But the TV doesn't change to that, it just is stuck on ANT1.
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 6 years ago.
I'm very sorry but I am out of ideas and will opt out so that other experts can help you with your problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I connected componet video to Comp 3 and it works. But I need the HDMI input on the TV to work because I am running the componet video out to a 2nd TV out on my patio.