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My Panasonic TH-42PWD6 has had intemittent power problems for

Customer Question

My Panasonic TH-42PWD6 has had intemittent power problems for the last couple of years. Power off with 7 Blinking Red Lights. I've searched for a solution (live remote) on line, but have not found a definitive answer.

Can I fix without shipping unit off island?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

I'll take a look at your service manual and see if I can help, ok?


Wow, there are 20 different versions of the TH-42PWD6 model...If you look on the right side of the TV cabinet there is a smaller sticker with the EXACT model displayed on it.


It's just extra letters at the end of the model number, but we need those to get the correct parts for your problem.


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You see all those variations? We need the correct one.


Now, if you do not see a separate sticker with the FULL model number near the right side of the TV's cabinet, you'll have to LOOK at the main tag on the back -- They usually have a large Generic model number on that tag, but then they put a "Fine Print" model with the extended letters on it -- you may find it listed as SERVICE Model number, but it will be similar to the main model.


Get that information and we'll get your problem troubleshot.


Looks like a Scan-2 failure on your TV set.

That's not good.


Edited by TV Tech1 on 10/10/2010 at 6:03 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Nah, not on the cabinet anywhere.


I dug out my original bill of sale, it reflects TH42PWD6UY

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Ok, I can work with that....


I'd like you to remove the back panel and power up the TV set -- Look at these boards and tell me if you see the lights blinking on it or not, before the TV actually shuts down.


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This is the troubleshooting truth table for that test --


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"Check OSD" stands for checking to see if the volume bar or menu or ANY display shows up on the Plasma panel. I know it doesn't, but it's more important to see if the green leds on those boards (highlighted) either light up or do not.....


Once you get that information, the main power supply can be disconnected from both those boards to see if the TV stays on or creates a different error code besides 7.


The power supply board is the board with the Main AC power cord connected directly to it, and the SC and SS boards have a large wired cable connected directly to the same board -- usually located near the TOP of the boards. If you disconnect both the cables that connect the SS to the power and the the SC to the power board, then the fail code should change if either one is bad.


I would reconnect the SS board first to see if the fail code is different than the 7 blink code still -- that rules out the SS board as being the 7 blink fail code .


I really suspect the SC board as being the bad board due to the fact that board fails more....

So when you plug that board back in, you'll most likely see the 7 blink fail code again.


Let me know the results of the LEDs and the disconnection of the two power lines over to the SS and SC boards, ok?



Edited by TV Tech1 on 10/10/2010 at 11:02 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Only one light on either board and it was red. - d769 (d6764)

There weren't big cables to ss and sc. Looked more like speaker wire. Two sets to each board. I disconnected all four and reconnected in the following order and got the following error codes:

1). Ss12 - 2 blinks
2). Ss11 - 2 blinks
3). Sc23 - 7 blinks
4). Sc2. - 7 blinks

For grins, I switched the order of the sc cables and found that when sc2 is connected only, I get 2 blinks.

Sorry for the delay. I've been out station.

What think?

Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

It's pointing to the SC board , which I intially thought was bad.


So -- WITH ALL those connectors reconnected -- The SC board and the SS -- Either one have the GREEN LIGHT on the board? If the SC board doesn't --that's our culprit.


Once we know that, we can check that list of voltages going to the SC board -- Vs and Va are the most important ones on the power supply board to check, but there is a Ve on that power board too. All 3 drive the SC and SS boards.


You should find those letters printed right by the sockets that deliver power to them.

And there is a sticker/tag on the plasma panel that tells you what those voltages are supposed to be set to (specific to the panel)


Vs Va and Ve -- make sure you have those on the power supply.


Edited by TV Tech1 on 10/25/2010 at 10:45 AM EST
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Part number for the SC board --






If you do not find the Vs Va Ve voltages on the power supply board -- replace it too.


Part number for that is TNPA2841


They all ship UPS and take Credit cards.


If you have any questions, just ask

If you are finished, please press the ACCEPT button.

Tips are greatly appreciated !


Thank you.

Edited by TV Tech1 on 10/25/2010 at 11:02 AM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Again, there was only one light once all were reconnected, and it was red (SS board per previous reply). So you believe the problem to be the SC board.

What do you mean by finding Vs, Va and Ve voltages? I'm a layman. Am I to check for voltage with a meter.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Both boards have ONE light on them, whether they are green or red...No light means DEAD.



Vs Va and Ve are universal voltages coming off the power supply board to DRIVE the SC board and the SS...without them, No picture or BAD picture.


Usually in MOST if not ALL plasmas -- I have seen Vs AND Va clearly marked on the cable that connects the power supply to the SC board. Easy to read those....


Ve is a little tricky, because SOMETIMES it's labled Vd or even Vsc, it depends on what brand I'm working on.


But...ALL TV sets that are plasma have a sticker on the Plasma Panel -- Rectangular in size and with ALL the critical voltages listed on it.

So you'll always see Va and Vs listed on it -- and if there is no Ve listed, THEN you look for either Vd or Vsc listed on it. Usually it's about 90 volts for Ve.


Now, if you do need MORE info on the Ve voltage, where to find it, I'll help you with that.

But I'm going to leave you with this basic information for one basic reason.




If I teach you the basics that I was taught - then you'll have the most critical information at your fingertips to troubleshoot.


So, if the SC light isn't lit -- Bad SC board.


If you are missing either Vs or Va or Ve....or they are LOW -- bad power supply board.

The sticker on the Plasma Panel lists ALL of them -- one stop for ALL critical voltages.



TV Tech1 and other TV Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, didn't mean to piss you off. I asked a simple question relative to clarifying my understanding of what you meant by finding voltages. I get what you meant by vs, va or ve, I just needed to understand if I needed to lay hands on a meter. Though you spewed quite a bit without actually answering, I'll infer that you highlighted "or they are low" indicates that I should.

As for the number of lights on the board, Forgive me for trying to be clear. You sent me a schematic showing two on the SS board.

It's clear you have no patience for this so I'll accept your reply and get you paid. No further assistance please.
Expert:  TV Tech1 replied 6 years ago.

Sorry, I'm an Emphasizer -- I use bold and underlining to make things stand out in a sea of black words....


As for the Voltages -- Every TV out there MARKS the plugs, Marks the Test Points and Marks The adjustments.


And I'm not PO'd...I'm the Over-Emphasizer Man.

The Drama-King....


Oh, and thanks for the Negative rating...