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what is the code to program a RCR312WR universal remote to

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what is the code to program a RCA universal remote model RCR312WR to a viore LCD19VH65 tv?
Hi There,

If you have tried all the codes listed in the manual it is possible that the remote does not have the code required. On some remotes you may find you can do a code search, which tries every possible code in the remote, it may be worth having a look through your manual to see if this possible. When the remotes are manufactured they are only pre-loaded with a certain number of codes, usually of the most used products available at the time and in previous years.

It is possible, that when the remote was manufactured that your product was either deemed unpopular or was not available at the time. In some cases the remotes have been manufactured months before you actually buy it.

The only suggestion I could make is to buy a "Universal Remote" - I can recommend the Logitech Harmony series of remotes, whilst being rather expensive, they more than pay for themselves in the fact that their "database of products" can be updated over the internet, which means the list of products that they are compatible with is huge compared to that of a relatively basic remote.

The Logitech remotes are also very easy to program, and they come with software that makes it a breeze to set up and control all of your devices.

Hope this clears things up

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I tried all the codes i have found online and the codes in the manaul. And i have a universal remote and have gone threw all the codes in code search and it still didn't work. My tv is only a 2009 and i just went a bought a universal remote that showed it had my tv brand. So what should i do now? There is no specific code for viore tv's? And do they only work with viore remotes?
Hi There,

You can buy the factory original remote from the site below:

It could be that the IR receiver inside the actual set has gone faulty, explaining why most remotes aren't working with it.

Brands like Voire aren't as well catered for as some of the bigger brands, so it could just be that the remotes you are bought don't have the codes required.

You have two choices really, you can either buy the remote linked to above, which will work as long as the IR Receiver isn't broken inside of the set.

Or you could take it to a local electronics shop, where they will typically have a programmable universal remote such as the logitech harmony range, where they will be able to test if the IR receiver is faulty.

Hope this helps

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you so much.