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Allen, Technician
Category: TV
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Experience:  37 years tv service with Panasonic, Hitachi ,RCA
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My panasonic TV only shows pink and green colours. I have

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My panasonic TV only shows pink and green colours. I have tried to adjust colour and tint, but with no improvement. I also tried set up and input 2, but saw "input full". No input gave anything but pink and green.

I did try DVDs and they also show only pink and green



First check the menu settings for you r component input settings. Make sure the menu is selected for Component. If some how the selection was changed by accident to RGB the colors would be pink and green.


The menu select should give a choice of Component/RGB.


If this is not the problem then you most likely have a failure on the SC board in the

unit. This would require troubleshooting to repair to component level , or complete SC

board replacement.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The menu was set at component. I didn't know what an sc board was, so checked the internet and just found some for sale. I have a friend who had helped up to this point and knows TVs well. Should I order an sc board or go and buy one, and is it something he could put in, should I get a repairman up [from a town 45 minutes away], or ? I will do some phoning and ask my friend when i see him in a few days, but i would appreciate your advice.
Thank you,

Ok , Next check to make sure all connections to the component input are plugged in correctly. If any of the component cables are loose or reversed (cables swapped or plugged into the wrong connector , this can also cause this or a similar problem.

If all is correct then you may want to get a repairman, The SC board is a little expensive. , I would call Panasonic direct, they have trained technicians that can come out and will have parts available.


you can contact them at 1-800-211-7262



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