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I have a Samsung LNT4669FX/XAA that was purchased Dec 07. In

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I have a Samsung LNT4669FX/XAA that was purchased Dec 07. In summer of 09 it started making a "click - click" sound when I turned it on, and took longer and longer to turn on until finally it wouldn't come on at all. I took it into an authorized repair shop (it was no longer on warrantee) and had to pay over $400 for repairs (they replaced a board). It is now doing exactly the same thing one year later, and I assume it's the same problem. I'm not spending another $400 to fix it as I forsee this happening again and again. Should I throw it out, or is there any way I can fix this myself?



Its 90% certain to be the same issue because many of the new boards did not have modified parts fitted so it was inevitable it was going to re-occur this fault


You can do this yourself and you have 2 options

The cheapest and by far the bestoption is to replace these parts yourself costing under $10 but you or someone you know would need an ability to solder not to a high standard but be able to use a soldering iron and de-solder wick


Option 2 is more expensive but will be more than half the cost of your last repair and involves changing a board


Let me know which way you want to go with this



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Anthony,


I have done basic soldering before, let's try that option please.




Hello Darrin


Thats good news!


OK Samsung have had global issues with poor quality electrolytic type capacitors on the powerboard

The powerboard is easy to find just trace the powercord upto it

Capacitors causing the issue are usually grouped in the top corner of the board


See full size image


They start to either leak electrolyte or frequently bulge at the head and body due to overstress on the di-electric inside


The solution is to replace these devices with better quality ones so if you find a 1000uf 16volt 85 degree c one you upgrade it to 1000uf 25v 105 degrees c


Here is a video of a guy with a similiar problem replacing these capacitors with a similiar issue to yours



Let me know if you need more information





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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you so much Anthony! This is going to save me buying a new tv after having this one for less than 3 years and already paying over $400 once for this same issue last year. Very happy and satisfied with your quick response!



Thats a pleasure!


If you need me again the thread will still be open


Many Thanks for accept/feedback