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Rick williams
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My Philips Flat screen TV (2yrs old) Model #47PFL7422D/37 has

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My Philips Flat screen TV (2yrs old) Model #47PFL7422D/37 has gone dim on the left side. The picture is not completely out but is dimmer than the right hand side. Also when it warms up the picture starts shaking. We are hooked up through av1. My question is whats wrong, can it be repaired, is it worth my while to repair it? I have tried plugging and unplugging and it is not my DVD player.
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Should you still need assistance...

Initially, the described symptoms almost always would be indicating a backlighting concern or more particularly, not all the backlights are lit hence the uneven screen; "...dim on the left side..."

Offhand, possible suspects are:
  • T-CON or controller or its connector/cable (unlikely but still a possibility);
  • CCF lamps (cold cathode florescent) (least likely);
  • power supply (likely);
  • inverters (most likely).

The lamps provide the actual backlight. These lamps are powered by the high voltage high frequency outputs of the inverters. The inverters in turn received DC voltage from the power supply. This would then be a hardware fault and would require the Philips to be opened up for confirmatory diagnosis, voltage measurements passive tests of discrete components and visual checks for damage such as burn resistors and/or leaking/bulging capacitors.

Options then are:
  • consider a DIY (do-it-yourself) repair if and only if comfortable working with electronic components & circuitry, use of a DVM/VOM, a soldering iron/station and safe practices with electrically powered devices. Access to a Service Manual or at the very least, a schematic diagram would be a necessity;
  • should you be uncomfortable with a DIY, perhaps your best bet would then be to consult with and/or seek the services of an authorized Service Center or a qualified professional.

Are you considering a DIY?

Good luck and thank you for asking.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Where can i get a schematic and an exploded view diagram? How many circuit boards are in my model and how could I get one? If its the inverter what is the approx. cost to replace?
The Philips 47PFL7422D/37 uses the Q523.1U LA chassis. For the Service Manual, please click here.

There are several boards including 2 inverters. First check would be for the presence of supply voltage from the power supply feeding the inverters. If present, then it would most likely be an inverter issue. Actual part number would have to be taken from the boards currently installed and would be something like 6632L-0393B. Replacement boards maybe inquired from:

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I want to tell you the symptoms one more time to see if we can possibly narrow it down a bit more. When we first turn on the TV it is dimmer to the left side. As soon as it warms up the (about 5 min) the whole screen begins to flicker and is dimmer all over, but more so to the left. If this sounds like an inverter problem is there a way to test if its the master or slave inverter? or could it be both? Whats the purpose of a master and slave inverter? Thanks!
Apologies, I am having Internet connection/stability problems and would not be able to continue. I have opted out.

This is not an Info Request.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I understand your problem. Can someone else answer the last few questions that i had. Thanks

Hello friend, My name is XXXXX XXXXX Thank you for posting your question on Just Answer! I will be happy to help you with this problem, And possibly help you save on these Labor charges today,


How can i further help you friend,, You have all the answers I see,, the Master just means there are two inverters,, One will light one side of the tv and the other is for other half of the unit,, Looking at your unit closely,, If your sure about the particular side,, then thats the inverter that should be replaced,,But will tell you most shops that warranty these issues will replace both,, Just in case stress was cause by the bad inverter board.. here below are some information you might find useful,, good luck buddy.




Rick williams, Technician
Category: TV
Satisfied Customers: 7445
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