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hongkongpom, Cable TV Installer
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I have a 26 Westinghouse flat screen TV, with built-in DVD.

Customer Question

I have a 26" Westinghouse flat screen TV, with built-in DVD. Then acquired a Samsung HT-Z520 sound system. The manual for the Samsung system contains no code for the Westinghouse TV. Therefore I cannot get the sound system setup instructions to appear on the TV screen. Any chance you could suggest a remote code for the Samsung remote that would work for the Westinghouse TV?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: TV
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 7 years ago.

Hello and welcome to my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm here to help you with your TV problem.


Some of the Westinghouse chassis respond to the Sony codes so try 50 - 55.


Unfortunately the remote doesn't have a scan function so if these codes don't work then you'll have to try all of the codes in the list manually.


There are thousands of codes out there and remotes usually only come with a few hundred so if you don't want to use the original remote then all you can do is buy a universal remote with lots of codes in the database like the Logitech Harmony remotes.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have a Logitech Harmony remote; but I cannot get that Samsung speakers to work with that remote either, at least in terms of programming the Westinghouse TV to accept the Samsung video and setup information. Any ideas re: using the Logitech. I will try the Sony codes you suggested. Thanks.
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 7 years ago.

Do you have the remote for the Westinghouse to verify that the speaker function is working?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Right now I have the cable box, the speaker system and the tv all hooked up. All the systems are working using the Logitech remote. However, the speaker system is 5.1, and I cannot trigger the 5.1 speakers without completing Samsung setup on the TV screen. But I cannot get the Samsung setup information to come up on the TV because I have no code available to plug into the Samsung system that will cause the Samsung setup information to appear on the TV screen. Logitech has some codes for the the Westinghouse TV, which I have entered into the Logitech remote, but that does not trigger the Samsung speaker system information on the TV screen.
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 7 years ago.

How have you connected the Westinghouse TV to the Samsung?


Are you saying you don't have the original TV remote to make sure the TV screen setup works using a remote?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have one remote for the Comcast cable box; I have one remote for the Samsung speaker system; I have one remote for the Westinghouse TV; and I have one Logitech Harmony universal remote. The problem is that when I try to set up the Samsung speaker system, which includes a couple of wireless speakers within the 5.1 system, I cannot code the Samsung remote to run the Westinghouse TV with it; so I cannot get the Samsung setup information to come up on the TV screen so I can complete the 5.1 speaker setup. Three of the speakers are working; the two wireless do not, and from everything I have read in the Samsung manual, I need to complete the 5.1 setup on the TV screen by making appropriate choices. I believe I need to use the Samsung remote, and code it properly to trigger the Westinghouse TV; that is the problem; there is no code listed that allows the Samsung remote to work the Westinghouse TV. I have not yet tried the Sony codes you suggested earlier. Logitech has some Westinghouse codes, but when entered in the Harmony the W code will permit the TV to run with the speakers and the cable box, but I cannot trigger the 5.1 speakers.
Expert:  hongkongpom replied 7 years ago.

Are you connecting the TV to the Samsung using an optical connection (optic out on TV to Samsung optic in) or HDMI (TV HDMI output to Samsung HDMI input)?


Could you tell me the model of your TV so I can check it out but a lot of TVs don't output 5.1 to an external device. They only output stereo.


If you press the Dolby Pro logic on the Samsung can you hear the sound now coming from the wireless speakers?

Is the TX transmitter plugged into the back of the Samsung?

Is the mode on the Samsung set to 5.1? (see bottom of pg25 in your manual please)

If you follow pg60 and select the test tone can you hear the rear speakers?


Any setting will need to be done on the Westinghouse and the Samsung cannot trigger the Westinghouse. There is feature in the Samsung to control a Samsung TV (Anynet) but if the TV is not outputting 5.1 then it must be adjusted on the TV either using the Westinghouse remote (try this first) or if a code can be found for your other remotes. When you tell me the TV model I can give you more information.


The Samsung OSD (pg54) will appear on the TV screen in the same way the DVD menu appears on the TV when you put in a DVD. but you cannot select the audio setting for the TV there. That you have to do on the TV itself.