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I own a Hitachi TV, 32UX51B. I had it moved from one room

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I own a Hitachi TV, 32UX51B. I had it moved from one room to another. It was working prior to moving it. I have cable & I hooked the cable onto the outlet & when I turned the TV on I had nothing but snow. I rechecked the hookup into the TV & also the wall. I even move the cable from antenna B go antenna A which is where it was working in the other room. Another problem is that I dropped the remote onto a tile floor & now it doesn't work. The remote # XXXXX XXXXX Can you maybe suggest what I should do about the TV snow & also can I still get another remote. I doubt it can be fixed. Or maybe so.
Thanks much for your help. The TV still has a beautiful picture when it works & I love the picture in picture. I have a newer TV but prefer this one.

I'm surprised you're getting snow on a TV set AFTER moving it....sounds more like a cable line that isn't connected to cable.


You should try another TV on that cable line to see if it's Dead or not...or take your TV back over to the original connection it was using first....


If you dropped your TV set carrying it, you may have damaged the board the Tuner is on.


As for the Remote :




That "special order" tells me the TV is definitely getting OLD - that's why it's a special order, the distribution company doesn't want to stock parts on it anymore, they want their assets in a more "liquid" environment.


Now, did you drop your TV? Pull the TV's RF cable while moving it? That would make sense to me if you did, but just lifting it, and moving it to another room shouldn't make the tuner quit working...that's why I asked if you tried another TV on that cable line you are using--some lines can be disconnected, but installed for "future usage"


So let's make sure that cable line works on another TV or that TV does or does NOT work on the original cable you had it connected to.


I'll get the part number for your TV ....


Oh, this is going to take some time, your TV set was built in 1997 and it's 13 years old --that's the reason that remote control is a "special order" for sure. They stop manufacturing parts by the 12th year and now they are just depleting their stock.



Tuner part number -- HC00322


Location U101


That part is still available.





All you'll need is a soldering iron, some Chemwik desoldering braid, and a needle nose plier to extract the tuner and install it back on the main board. --All available at Radio Shack (get the 40 to 70 watt iron for this job)


But MAKE SURE you have a LIVE cable line FIRST ! You don't want to go buying a tuner when your cable line is dead and causing your symptom.


If you have any questions, just ask

If you are finished, please press the ACCEPT button.



Thank you.




Edited by TV Tech1 on 8/1/2010 at 1:19 PM EST
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