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I cannot reset my mitsubishi dlp tv so the power on light just

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I cannot reset my mitsubishi dlp tv so the power on light just keeps flashing
Hello, did you notice anything unusual before this happened? Storms, power failures, noises in the set, etc.?

Have there been any previous repairs?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There was a brief like 5 sec power outage this am
Okay, thank you. When the timer light continues to flash and never stops, this indicates the Digital Module in the TV is not booting up. The problem is caused by bad (weak) capacitors on the PC boards throughout the electronic chassis. These parts usually first show bad after the TV has lost power.

These gradually failing parts have always had power applied to them whenever the TV had power (whether it was turned on or not), so they have stayed warm and working. When the TV lost power, these parts "cooled down" and were not good enough to work when the power came back on. This is a very common problem in this model TV.

If you were to keep the TV plugged in, and push (System) Reset periodically (every five minutes or so), it may eventually boot up and turn on. Hopefully these parts will build up enough to work at least one more time; but, the next time the power flickers, it will do exactly the same thing. Eventually the problem will get worse until it will not boot up again (which may be now). If it does start working again, please remember to save this information for later when you need it. Unfortunately, this is the best option to try without repairing the TV.

To repair this reliably, all the bad capacitors must be replaced throughout the electronic chassis. This can be a rather complicated, time-consuming repair. If needed, I can provide photos of the boards with the capacitors highlighted to show the extent of the problem.

This is a very common problem in this Mitsubishi TV series: every one of these TVs I have seen in the past year or so have all had the same problem. Mitsubishi does not have individual boards for these sets and if they did they would be expensive.

Instead, they have a rebuild program for the entire electronic chassis: the chassis is removed and sent to Mitsubishi and they will replace all the capacitors and the other parts that commonly fail. The last time I checked, the price of the rebuild was $300.00 (plus tax and labor). Usually labor is in the $200-250 range (in my area).

I recommend contacting Mitsubishi XXXXX at (NNN) NNN-NNNN to ask about the rebuild program. I also recommend asking Mitsubishi to cover the cost of the repair. They may very well cover the cost of the rebuild (I have "heard" there may be a class-action lawsuit brewing over these sets): they may offer to pay for the rebuild only, but it doesn't hurt to ask for the labor cost, too. It is also possible for Mitsubishi to offer you a new TV at a reduced cost. You may need to be insistent, and make several calls, but Mitsubishi is well known for being very helpful (hint).

Important: Usually Mitsubishi requires one of their authorized servicers to check the TV on-site first, before they will offer a concession (even though they already know exactly what is wrong with it). It is best to have an estimate of the repair from the technician before you call Mitsubishi.

If needed, your nearest authorized Mitsubishi servicer can be found by entering your information on this page:

On the other hand, some repairmen will advise that you not repair the set. Considering that some top name 60" DLP TVs now sell for around $1200 or less, it would be a very tough decision for me (if I had to pay for the full repair out of pocket).

It's not good news, but it is the truth. Even if the TV does eventually boot up and turn on, please remember to save this information for later when you need it: these failing parts are not going to get any better. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So if I get it to reboot are you recommending just leaving the power on at all times?
Hi, not turned on, but just plugged in. These parts have power applied to them whether the TV is turned on or not, so hopefully they will stay working as long as possible. Whenever the TV loses power the parts cool down and may not have enough life left to work again.

In the meantime, I do recommend contacting Mitsubishi about this. I hope you will be surprised how helpful they can be.
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